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Causes of Kidney Stones and Herbal Kidney Stone Breaker Pills

Causes of Kidney Stones and Herbal Kidney Stone Breaker Pills

Major Causes of Kidney Stones

Kidneys are filters of body which remove impurities from blood, remove excess fluid and water and supply back minerals which can be reabsorbed by the body. This role of kidneys makes them prone to toxicity if there is heavy load of toxins in blood and less fluid content. Nearly 80% stones found in kidneys are calcium stones; excessive calcium intake or calcium supplementation increases level of calcium in urine and causes formation of calcium phosphate or calcium oxalate stones.

Higher calcium intake is one of the major causes of kidney stones. Presence of oxalic acid or uric acid promotes stone formation. These acids cause bond between crystals of minerals to form a stone. Harmful foods which release these acids during digestion are other major causes of kidney stones.

Hypothyroidism, rheumatism, gout and chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension are also commonly found causes of kidney stones. Kidney problems like renal tubular acidosis create blockages in kidneys and allow mineral precipitate to get deposited which in presence of uric and oxalic acid form stones. People leading unhealthy lifestyle which includes consumption of foods and drinks high on sodium are also at risk of renal calculi.

Higher sodium intake slows down the functions of kidney and promotes accumulation of crystals. Low calcium diet too increases propensity of stones in kidneys. Alcoholism and lesser water intake or dehydration due to strenuous lifestyle are the other causes of kidney stones related to lifestyle.

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Causes of Kidney Stones

Genetic predisposition also increases chances of renal calculi in individuals. Diseases like cystinuria and hyperoxaluria can be obtained genetically which increase chances of stone formation. Health issues like IBS and surgeries are also common causes of kidney stones.

People using diuretics, NSAIDs, antacid and undergoing treatment for HIV are also at high risk of renal calculi. Body utilizes calcium to produce bone tissues and metabolize it with vitamin D. People running low on vitamin D have higher level of calcium in body. Though it is not so common yet low level of vitamin D also increases chances of stones in kidneys.

Obesity, high salt intake, fatty food, processed foods and foods high on oxalate are other causes of this problem. Frequent bladder infections can allow bacteria to reach kidneys and affect their functions. These cause inflammation and block tubules to increase chances of stone formation. Herbs are capable remedies to handle kidney stones.

The biggest problem with renal calculi is that it can occur again and again. Herbs are highly beneficial treatments as these not only resolve problem of existing stone conveniently and painlessly but also prevent reoccurrence of the problem. Their ability to provide long-lasting relief without surgeries makes them the most suitable treatment for renal calculi.

Kid Clear Capsules

Kid Clear capsules are herbal kidney stone breaker pills. No matter what type of stone a person may be having, whether calcium, phosphate or any other, these pills possess herbs which can eliminate it in a short time painlessly. Kid Clear capsules possess herbs which reduce bondage between crystals of stone and when this bond between crystals become lose then the stone disintegrates into fine pieces.

Some of the herbs present in these pills are diuretics.These herbs increase urine output and smoothly remove pieces of stones out of kidneys with urine. In short duration of use, a person gains freedom from kidney stones without any discomfort and at convenience of home.

These herbal kidney stone breaker pills possess powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory herbs. These herbs provide relief from pain and heaviness which occurs due to stone and also diffuse swelling in tubules. A person can gain quick relief from the symptoms of stone and can get rid of stone painlessly in a short duration with the help of these capsules. Herbal ingredients of these pills are rich sources of anti-toxin agents that improve immune system functions also.

Herbal Kidney Stone Breaker Pills

These herbs regenerate cells of organs, protect them from damages caused by toxins and also curb bacterial infections which cause UTI and bladder infections. If bacterial infection aggravates, it affects kidney functions negatively and increase chances of renal calculi. Herbal kidney stone breaker pills protect formation of calculi due to frequent infections and toxin presence effectively.

People consuming harmful foods and drinks, leading unhealthy lifestyle and taking long term medications are at high risk of getting stones. Herbal kidney stone breaker pills possess herbs which lower the formation of acids in stomach. These curb presence of uric and oxalic acid which promote stone formation. These pills also maintain calcium levels and reduce its excretion through urine. These advantages prevent formation of stone in future.

A person suffering with stone can take simple precautions to avoid the problem easily after using these ayurvedic kidney stone breaker pills. These pills due to their varied benefits and natural properties can protect kidneys from effects of ageing and genetically obtained disorders. These can improve liver functions as well to keep blood purified and lower the toxin presence. These pills due to herbal nature are fit to be used by person of any age and can also be taken for prolonged duration.

Buy Kid Clear Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Removal Capsules to Cleanse Kidneys.

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