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Irregular Periods Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Irregular Periods Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Irregular Periods

Monthly cycle signifies woman’s ability to reproduce, right after the end of bleeding during previous cycle woman’s body prepares reproductive system for possible pregnancy in next couple of weeks. If pregnancy does not occur the eggs and uterine lining is excreted via woman’s vagina with blood which marks beginning of next cycle. Normally this process takes four weeks, women bleed between 21 to 35 days and approximately 12 or 13 times in a year. But those who either bleed for too many days than normal, or have delayed periods do not gain monthly cycle within 21 to 35 days and have lesser number of periods per year. This problem is regarded as menstrual irregularity which raises different types of issues. Ayurvedic treatment to regulate menstrual cycle provides healthy number of periods per year and arrival of monthly cycle within normal range of days.

Women due to irregularity in monthly cycle face issues like scanty periods, too much flowing periods and spotting. These problems occur because women are unable to shed uterine lining completely during menses and later body tries to expel it to cause bleeding between periods or spotting. Incomplete removal of uterine lining during monthly cycle also causes excessive bleeding on or before monthly cycle. Pain and discomfort before or during periods are other issues related to irregular menstrual periods. Ayurvedic treatment to regulate menstrual cycle along with fast and effective cure for irregular menstruation provides relief from other issues as well. Menstrual irregularities can affect normal process of conception by changing timing of ovulation. Due to shift in arrival of periods women ovulate at different time in a month which makes conception difficult. Herbal remedies for irregular periods by promoting healthy and smooth cycle within normal range of days maintain fertility and reproductive abilities of a woman.

Herbal Irregular Periods Treatment to Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual irregularities can be symptoms of disorder in female reproductive system or organs, it can also be caused by lifestyle, dietary habits and genetics, women suffering with other health conditions like thyroid problems or diabetes can also suffer with irregular menstruation. Irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment can handle all types of causes effectively. It can shield ill-effects of health conditions which disturb normal process of monthly cycle and treat causes which lie in female reproductive system.

Irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment also works efficiently to reverse weaknesses and damages caused by unhealthy lifestyle or poor dietary intake, and also relieve effects of genetic disorders or acquired disorders to regulate monthly cycle. Herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle improves overall functions of female reproductive system to improve chances of conception and also provide safe and smooth pregnancy. The effects of irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment improve health of uterus and ovarian functions to keep problems related to female reproductive system at bay for longer period in life.

Herbal remedies for irregular periods are safe for females of all ages. Young girls who face problem of irregular menstrual periods can also benefit from this treatment and gain optimum health of reproductive system to pass through fertile years of their life smoothly. Elderly women or those who face premenstrual syndrome also gain immense relief from irregular menstrual periods occurring due to hormonal fluctuations and poor physical health. Herbal remedies for irregular periods prevent ill-effects of menstrual problems from affecting a female’s mental composure.

Women suffering with irregular monthly cycles suffer with mood swings, debilities, anxiety and night sweating etc. and also face pain and discomfort before or during periods. Herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle regulates timely cycle and also relieves side effects of the problem. Ayurvedic remedies for irregular menstrual cycle also keep woman’s libido higher and suppress problems like dryness or irritations in genital passage which cause discomfort during lovemaking reduces her frequency to cause frustrations.

What Is Irregular Menstrual Cycle?

Monthly cycles shall arrive within 21-35 days counted from last day of bleeding during previous cycle. Overall a woman shall have 12-13 cycles per year. If a woman has monthly cycles earlier than 21 days or later than 35 days or has lesser number of periods on yearly basis she is categorized as suffering with irregular menstrual cycle. Along with irregularities certain other issues like scanty periods, heavily flowing periods and spotting between periods also surge which are mainly due to jumbled date of arrival of monthly cycles.

Young girls within 2 years of gaining menarche may have irregularities which are benign and mostly go away once body matures and handles hormonal activity properly which occurs every month. But if this irregularity continues even after two years of menarche it is a symptom of irregular menstrual cycle. Pain and discomfort before or during periods is also a symptom of problems in reproductive system which may disturb normal routine of monthly cycles.

Symptoms and Causes of Menstrual Irregularities

Irregularities in monthly cycle can be caused due to various reasons. Some of the commonly found causes of the problem are –

Pregnancy is natural cause of absence of periods for 9 months which begin again after childbirth.

Breastfeeding can delay or cause missed period after childbirth or any time during lactation period. This can be due to change in hormonal balance or due to anemia caused by blood loss during childbirth or poor nutritional intake or effects of medicines administered during pregnancy or childbirth.

Poor diet reduces nutritional supply to reproductive organs and can cause delayed or missed periods.

Rigorous exercises can deplete nutrient reserves in body and may even cause electrolyte imbalance due to sweating, these are also causes of disturbances in monthly cycle.

Sudden weight loss due to health conditions or eating disorders, or due to any other reason, is also commonly found cause of irregularity in monthly cycle.

PCOS is a health condition which causes benign growth over ovaries in the form of cysts. These growths can cause delayed or missed monthly cycles frequently.

Premature ovarian failure occurs in women which stops ovarian functions much before age of 40. Such women can face irregularities for years.

Uterine fibroids too are benign growths which occur in uterus. These fibroids cause huge hormonal fluctuations to cause irregularities in menstrual cycles and even hinder conception.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is also commonly found infection which affect normal arrival of menstruation in women of all ages.

Delayed menarche in young girls can be due to genetic predisposition or due to other reasons. Women who had delayed menarche may suffer with irregularities at later age. These can be due to genetic factors or due to weaknesses which caused delayed puberty.

Health conditions like leukemia, thyroid gland malfunctions, uncontrolled diabetes, tumours of ovaries and adrenal, and Cushing’s syndrome are also causes of menstrual problems

Medications like antipsychotics and antiepileptics, and long term use of birth control pills, sedatives and steroids are also causes of menstrual irregularities.

Smoking, alcohol, drug use, chronic uterine infections, childlessness etc. also cause disturbances in arrival of monthly cycles.

Symptoms of menstrual irregularities are very clear. Some of the symptoms clearly indicate presence of problem and some indicate aggravation of problem. All the symptoms of the problems are as follows.

  • Longer or shorter periods
  • Painful cramping
  • Heavier or lighter blood flow
  • Blood clots
  • Fluid retention
  • Headaches
  • Early or late periods
  • Spotting between periods
  • Breast tenderness
  • Missed periods

Certain symptoms which indicate that you need medical attention immediately are as follows.

  • Excessive bleeding with fever
  • Spotting after sex
  • Pain or traces of blood after copulation
  • Periods arriving every three weeks.

Foods That Help to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle

Foods can be of immense help not only to regulate menstrual cycle but for also faster irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment. Some of the top foods for herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle are as follows.

Green papaya: This fruit control contraction of uterus by controlling muscle fibres to maintain arrival of monthly cycles at normal date.

Banyan tree roots: These have been used since ancient times and are part of folk-remedies for treating disorders related to female reproductive system. These are consumed once in a day with cow’s milk as effective herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle.

Grapes: Grape juice and eating raw grapes in moderate quantities on regular basis also helps in treating menstrual disturbances.

Bitter gourd juice: One or two glasses in a day are excellent for treating changes in arrival of monthly cycles. Bitter gourd improves liver functions and helps in eliminating toxins which may cause hormonal fluctuation to cause the problem.

Parsley: This widely recommended as herbal treatment for irregular periods. You can eat it raw form or as tea on regular basis between periods. Avoid consuming this during periods.

Coriander: Use this as a spice in cooking and drink two or three cups of it as tea during the day on regular basis. This too is excellent herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle.

Figs: Consume 4 or 5 figs in a day after soaking the in water overnight. These are nutritious and help in maintain healthy reproductive system for smooth monthly cycles.

Radish: Consume one radish a day with a bowl of buttermilk. This too is wonderful food for handling disturbances in menstrual cycle.

Carrots: These are easiest ways to handle menstrual problems. Consume two carrots medium-sized in raw form with each meal to stay away from issues related to menstruation.

Aloe Vera: This gel has powerful properties to cleanse liver and purify blood. This gel also promotes release of hormones which regulate periods. Aloe Vera gel with honey is one of the oldest and popular herbal treatments for irregular menstrual cycle.

Sugarcane juice: This juice has nutrition and provide burst of energy. One glass of sugarcane juice is excellent food for staying away from problems related to menses.

Cinnamon: This spice with a warm cup of water provide regular and healthy flow during periods and also supplement vital compounds which curb discomfort before or during menstrual bleeding.

Turmeric with Jiggery: Combination of these two provides warming effects and also promote flow of blood. These are nutritious and also loaded with emmenagogue properties and powerful anti-inflammatory properties to cure discomfort, pain and cramps during periods.

Ginger: This rhizome has benefits of herbs and is part of many herbal treatments for irregular menstrual cycle. Consume this in raw form or as tea on regular basis for gaining timely and smooth menses.

Sesame seeds: These seeds when consumed with honey provide excellent hormonal balancing properties. These provide warming effects and regulate healthy flow of blood in female reproductive system. These are nutritious too and helpful in eradicating weaknesses.

All of these foods along with irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment provide faster and long-lasting results. Women suffering with mild symptoms of menses disturbances can alleviate the condition by including these foods in regular diet.

Natural Remedies for Irregular Menstrual Periods

Following are wonderful natural remedies for irregular menstrual cycle which can be employed to gain relief from the problem and to remain scot-free from such troubles in future as well.

Banyan tree root: Boil few inches long piece of banyan root with a cup of water for 10 minutes and add ¾ cup of cow’s milk to the mixture. Consume this regularly before bedtime these are excellent irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment.

Holy Basil: Crush sufficient number of Holy Basil leaves to extract a teaspoon of juice out, add one teaspoon of honey and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder. Consume this mixture twice in a day regularly to gain relief.

Indian Lilac: Prepare a mixture by adding two cups water and three cups of Indian Lilac bark. Boil the mixture for few minutes and strain, consume thrice in a day after regular intervals to cure the problem.

Calendula: The flowers of calendula contain powerful emmenagogue properties and also enhance flow of blood. Add 2 grams of calendula flower to 200 ml of water and let the mixture steep. Later strain and drink the water dividing into two portions in a day.

Mint: Mix one teaspoon each of honey and mint powder and consume thrice in a day for few weeks. This too is good irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment.

Asafoetida: This spice has properties which can match any herbs. Take half teaspoon of powdered asafoetida and fry with clarified butter, add this to a cup of goat’s milk and add honey. Consume this mixture twice in a day. Do not exceed quantity of 250-500 mg in a day.

Apple cider vinegar: Add two teaspoons of ACV with a glass of water and consume half an hour before meals regularly. This too is effective herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle.

Fennel seeds: You can chew few teaspoons of fennel seeds in a day or drink few cups of fennel tea to gain relief from menstrual problems.

Ginger: Include this spice in your meals with salad. You can drink few cups of ginger tea as well during the day after adding honey. This rhizome is one of the effective Ayurvedic remedies for irregular menstrual cycle.

Irregular Periods Treatment In Ayurveda

Regulate Menstrual Cycle Naturally

MCBC capsules are excellent supplements for irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment. These capsules possess herbs in perfect blend to address all the possible causes of the problem, these supplements are capable of even alleviating genetic issues causing the trouble, regular use of these supplements treat and prevent problem of irregular menses in women of all ages. MCBC capsules possess wonderful herbs which have powerful hormone balancing properties. These herbs reduce excessive presence of estrogen and promote healthy secretion of progesterone hormone. These hormones in proper balance are vital for maintaining healthy reproductive system of a female.

Excessive presence of estrogen prolongs duration of bleeding whereas lack of progesterone can cause uncontrollable uterine contractions which can cause pain and discomfort and untimely bleeding or spotting. Some of the herbs used in these pills suppress ill-effects of malfunctions of important glands like thyroid and adrenal. These glands secrete hormones which are crucial for healthy metabolism, production of energy and absorption of nutrients in body. Lack or imbalance in the hormones secreted by these glands disturbs other hormones and energy levels of reproductive organs to cause problems. By maintaining healthy hormonal secretion MCBC capsules provide fast and dependable irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment.

These pills possess herbs which promote flow of energy and reenergize reproductive organs. These enhance flow of blood to improve energy and nutrition supplementation and also improve reach of immune system to prevent infections. Some of the herbs present in these pills are anti-inflammatory which diffuse swelling and remove blockages to promote smooth blood flow. These pills relieve problem like PID and others which deplete energy supplementation to female reproductive organs. All these benefits provide effective and complete herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle.

Uterine fibroids and cysts over ovaries are other commonly found causes of irregular menses. These pills possess herbs which effectively prevent these growths and cysts and also treat them to maintain healthy and regular menses. Ill-effects of poor diet and lifestyle are severe on female reproductive system and throw her menses cycle off-track for long duration. MCBC capsules come loaded with herbs which provide holistic herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle by reversing harmful effects of poor diet and lifestyle.

Presence of health conditions like diabetes, anaemia, premature ovarian failure etc. are other major reasons of disturbed menses. Herbal ingredients of MCBC capsules are highly beneficial remedies to shield and protect female’s reproductive system from harmful effects of these health problems. Some of the herbs even increase level of insulin to control problems like high blood sugar. MCBC capsules possess herbal ingredients which are amazing for improving female’s mental composure.

These herbs prevent mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability etc. and also handle problems related to sleep. These herbs provide calm and relaxed mind and allow a woman to sleep for sufficient duration to stay away from stress and hormonal imbalance caused by sleep deprivation and stress to hinder smooth process of menses. MCBC capsules are excellent aids to gain faster rate of tissue generation and enhance a female’s fertility. These are immensely beneficial for women approaching menopause to relieve intensity of its symptoms and lead a normal life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MCBC capsules safe to use?

MCBC capsules pass through many quality checks and controls during production. The formula has been derived after exhaustive scientific research and analysis and brings thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda with it. These are free of side effects even after regular and prolonged use. Women of all ages can use these supplements for irregular periods Ayurvedic treatment without any prescription.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

MCBC capsules possess herbs which are – Shankhpushpi, Dirghawali, Buch, Brahmi, Aprajita, Jatamansi, Unab, Agastya, Utseyakhaddus, Kachnar, Shatavari, Salabmisri, Jyotishmati, Nilkadambika, Gurhal and Brahmdandi All of these herbs are time-tested Ayurvedic remedies for irregular menstrual cycle.

How to take these capsules to obtain good result?

MCBC capsules are very simple to use, just consume one or two pills twice in a day after meals in morning and evening with water or milk.

What if I miss a dose?

It is expected that you will maintain strict regularity while taking this treatment. But if you miss a dose do not worry that these will cause any harm, you can start the treatment like usual from next day onwards. But avoid misses for faster results.

How soon should I expect the first result?

Herbs cannot bring overnight results. The problem of irregular periods is deep-rooted and sometime severe than expected. You need to be patient while taking this treatment.However, positive results may show-up within couple of months but continue treatment for required duration.

How long do these capsules take to show their effects?

Although it is difficult to predict any general timeline but on the basis of user reviews duration of 4 months has been found as sufficient to gain maximum benefits.

What other benefits are there?

Women gain improved energy levels, thyroid functions, blood flow and higher stamina. They also gain calm and relaxed mind and get rid of sleep disorders. Women suffering with night sweating, dryness in vaginal passage, frequent UTI etc. also get immensely benefitted by taking this herbal treatment for irregular menstrual cycle.

Where can I buy this herbal menstrual irregularity treatment in India?

MCBC supplements are available online. To get these supplements in India access and select the desired supplement. Follow simple steps to finish your order form and you will get the delivery in stated time right at your doorstep.

What are the payment methods to purchase these capsules?

Easy and safe payment options are available. You can pay through cheque, DD, NEFT, cash deposit or cash on delivery.

How is my order shipped?

Your order will be hand-delivered through FedEx in safe and discreet packing which will maintain secrecy about the product.

How long will it take to receive my order?

In India you will get supplies within 3 to 5 working days.

Are these products sold in a store near me?

No right now you get these products online only we do not have any re-seller or distributor in the market.

I live outside India. Do you ship your products worldwide?

Yes we ship our products worldwide. To get these products outside India place your order over

Buy MCBC Capsules Online In India and Cure Irregular Periods Naturally

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