Causes Of Semen In Urine And Effective Treatment


Mujhe urine ke waqt jalan aur pain hota hai, is rog ke kya karan hote hain aur kya yeh Ayuredic dawa se theek ho jaata hai? Kya is rog se napunsakta hoti hai? Kripya dawa ka naam bhi bataein aur isse kaha se kharida ja sakta hai?

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  1. Semen with urine is colloquially called as Dhaat; it is a sign of weak and exhausted nerves and reproductive system and if not treated on time can cause impotency. There are numerous causes of Dhaat syndrome. Enlarged prostate gland, retrograde ejaculation and aggressive sexual behaviour which include excessive hand-practice, coition or arousals without ejaculation are some of the major causes of the problem. In order to treat this problem, one needs to take support of herbs. These natural remedies handle the problem and treat its root causes to provide holistic and long-lasting Dhaat treatment. We would recommend NF Cure and Shilajit capsules to treat Dhaat and to regain improved vitality and virility. These supplements can be purchased online; visit the company’s website and order these supplements and you will get your order within 3-5 working days right at your doorstep. Easy payment options are available which you can choose as per your convenience; you can pay through cheque, DD, NEFT, COD or cash deposit.

    NF Cure capsules rejuvenate male reproductive system and energize nerves to prevent involuntary ejaculation of semen. These also improve testicular functions and cure problems like low sperm count, thinning of semen and low semen volume. The major advantage is that these diffuse inflammation of prostate gland and handle issues like passing of semen with urine and retrograde ejaculation effectively. Shilajit capsules reenergize entire physical and mental health of a male by supplementing wide range of nutrients in bio-available form. These pills increase rate of energy producing reactions and maintain regular flow of energy all over the body. Due to regular loss of semen or seminal fluids with urine, a male becomes weak and stamina and strength also become low. Shilajit capsules reverse weaknesses and revitalize all the organs and systems of the body. These also rejuvenate reproductive system and strengthen nerves to keep semen locked and prevent it from passing out easily. Combined effects of these supplements not only provide complete, effective and long-lasting Dhaat cure but also bless a male with the ability to gain powerful erections and make intense love for longer duration. These keep a male physically strong and energized and free from disorders occurring due to weaknesses and debilities.

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