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Hello sir. I am 26 years old having weak eye vision. Being a software engineer, I have to work on the computer for about 10-12 hours per day. I am getting blurry vision and sometimes severe headache too due to heavy eye-glasses. I was looking for herbal eye care product online and found I-Lite ayurvedic medicine. Can you please tell me how do I-Lite capsules work to improve weak eyesight? How to use I-Lite capsule and is it safe to take for eye health?

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  1. Dear customer, thank you for posting your query about our herbal eye care product I-Lite.

    In today’s technological world, while technology is evolving and the world is advancing, this technology is affecting our health tremendously. Due to the use of laptops, computers, mobile phones, and other similar gadgets, be it a kid, or a youngster or people of old age group, they all are experiencing the problem of weak eyes. Spending more time on these electronic gadgets leads to many eye and health problems.

    I-Lite capsules are widely used eye health capsules worldwide. These capsules contain powerful ayurvedic herbs that are extracted directly from plants and are effective to increase eye vision in a natural way. I-Lite capsules provide most effective and natural treatment to treat weak eye problems at home without causing any side effects.

    How Do I-Lite Capsules Work to Improve Eyesight?

    The natural substances used in I-Lite capsules are beneficial in improving eye vision. These herbal ingredients strengthen eye muscles and improve near or farsightedness problem in the people of every age. I-Lite capsules come loaded with potent herbs that are rich sources of anti-oxidants and enhance blood circulation to provide nutrients to treat eye weakness. These supplements protect eye tissues from damages and provide essential vitamins and minerals to improve eyesight naturally.

    How to Use I-Lite Capsules?

    If you want to know, how to use I-Lite capsules to improve eye health naturally then follow the direction to use I-Lite herbal pills. You can take 1 or 2 capsules of I-Lite capsules daily for at least 3 to 4 months. Take the capsules regularly with milk or plain water after breakfast and dinner to improve eye problems. The regular use of I-Lite ayurvedic remedy will stop eye weakness.

    Improve eyes by following these tips:
    1. Do not rub your eyes
    2. Use anti-reflective glasses while using laptop, mobile or computer
    3. Do eye exercises regularly
    4. Wash your eyes with cold water for 4-5 times a day
    5. Eat green vegetables, fruits, and almonds
    6. Walk barefoot on grass
    7. Take good sleep to give rest to your eyes

    Taking a daily dose of I-Lite capsules will improve eyesight naturally giving strong and sharper vision.

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