How To Stop Semen Coming Out With Urine Naturally?


I am facing severe discomfort during urination from past few months. Is this problem related to reproductive system or something else? I have not been in any bad habit so why am I facing such problem. Please suggest if there is any Ayurvedic treatment to stop semen coming out with urine?

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  1. Semen with urine is mostly caused due to enlargement or inflammation of prostate gland. Usually people in bad habits like hand-practice or those who get aroused few times in a day due to erotic material or conversations are easy victims of the problem due to irritated prostate gland. But aging and lifestyle can also bring this problem into play. If you are obese, beyond age of 50 years or if you sit for longer duration then you may have swollen or enlarged prostate gland. This gland after inflammation or enlargement constricts urinary canal and prevents semen from flowing out of tip of penis during ejaculation and the semen staying in urethra gets passed out along with urine later which causes the problem. Even if semen in urine occurs due to aging or other simple causes, it needs proper treatment and cannot be allowed to stay. We would recommend No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules to eradicate this problem completely and fast.

    These Ayurvedic supplements not only handle the problem occurring due to aging or lethargic lifestyle but also due to bad habits like excessive hand practice or poor sexual behaviour. These supplements energize nerves and reproductive system and supplement body with wide range of nutrients to remove deficiencies and weaknesses to provide relief. Some of the herbs used in these supplements correct hormonal imbalances and promote release of testosterone and other health-promoting hormones. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules possess anti-inflammatory herbs which diffuse swelling and promote healthy prostate functions. These shrink enlarged prostate gland back to normal size and allow smooth passage of semen and urine which helps in relieving pain and burning naturally. These also repair damages caused to urinary canal and provide healthy urinary system. The overall effects of these supplements provide a male with much improved virility, potency and vitality and improve his lovemaking abilities considerably. You can get these supplements easily; just order over company’s website and pay by choosing any of the simple options like NEFT, COD, DD, cash deposit and cheque. You will get these supplements within 3-5 working days after placing order anywhere in India.

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