Swapandosh Kya Hai Aur Kyon Hota Hai?


Swapandosh kya hai aur kyon hota hai aur isko rokne ke kya raste hain? Kya yeh marriage life ko bigad sakta hai?

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  1. Yes, swapandosh can affect your married life and create health problems by causing weaknesses.

    It happens at a young age due to hormonal fluctuations, which make nerves over-sensitive and cause excitement during sleep; sometimes, young males see an erotic dream and discharge during sleep.

    At a young age, if nightfall occurs once in a while, these are not considered a problem. But, if night emissions occur at a later age or frequently, then these are a cause of serious concern.

    Swapandosh or nightfall occurs due to weakness in nerves. These nerves are responsible for stopping semen from passing out during a normal state and delaying ejaculation during arousal.

    The nerves are also responsible for causing arousals by providing sensation in the genital region. These nerves need a regular flow of energy to perform their job.

    If a male has a weak reproductive system, the flow of energy to genital nerves is not appropriately maintained. It causes problems like swapandosh, low libido, poor quality of erections, and early discharge.

    Such males are also low on potency and produce semen in lesser volume and of poor quality.

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    Healthier and energetic males stay away from disorders like Swapandosh and become capable of performing in bed with lots of intensity and vigor.

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