Shighrapatan Ke Karan Aur Upay


Kya Shighrapatan health problems ki wajah se hota hai? Kya is problem se meri marriage life khatam ho jayegi? Please mujhe iska treatment batayein main Allopathy medicines nahi khana chahta hun? Shighrapatan ke karan aur ayurvedic upay batayein.

Shighrapatan Ke Karan Aur Upay
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  1. Holistic Ayurveda

    Shighrapatan or Premature ejaculation can be caused by physical weaknesses too. Nerves which are responsible for keeping semen locked need regular flow of energy which comes from body, health problems and poor energy levels make nerves sluggish and weak to cause early discharge or Shighrapatan. People in habit of hand practice also suffer with this problem because of weak, damaged and lethargic nerves. Hand practice, long sitting hours, frequent arousals without ejaculation and hormonal problems also cause this problem and make a male incapable of satisfying a woman in bed affecting married life negatively.

    Ayurvedic herbs are wonderful treatments for resolving Shighrapatan and much better than Allopathic medicines as these are safe and provide long-lasting results. Herbs energize reproductive system and nerves and also improve physical energy, these guide flow of energy towards male reproductive system and remove weaknesses and debilities to provide fast and holistic Shighrapatan cure. These provide a male ability to discharge at his own will and gain powerful erections each time. Herbal or Ayurvedic treatment makes a male capable of providing maximum satisfaction to female partner and gain much higher vitality, virility and potency.

    Lawax capsules and Lawax oil in combination are excellent Ayurvedic remedies for Shighrapatan. Intake of capsules and massages with oil will provide powerful reproductive system, higher energy and strong and active nerves to resolve the problem quickly. In short duration of use these Ayurvedic supplements increase level of testosterone hormone and energize entire male reproductive system. These supplements improve quality of erections and allow a male to perform lovemaking as long as he wishes to and in multiple sessions. Males also gain increased semen volume and sperm count which boost-up potency and make male’s climaxes exhilarating.

    These products are available and can be purchased from our website, easy payment options like online payment through credit or debit card, NEFT, COD or cash deposit in account are available, you can also send cheque or DD in favour of company to get these amazing Ayurvedic remedies to resolve problem of Shighrapatan. Regular use of Lawax capsules and Lawax oil provides higher energy levels and removes disorders like enlarged prostate gland, damaged tissues and poor testicular functions to improve a male’s lovemaking capacities and potency. Lawax capsules and oil are excellent herbal remedies for problems like small erections, excessive precum and night discharge as well.

    To find more details about Lawax capsules and oil as Ayurvedic treatment for Shighrapatan visit

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