Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment

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Kid Clear capsule is a popular ayurvedic herbal kidney stone treatment that helps to remove stones in a natural way. Buy Kid Clear capsules online in India and improve kidney functions and prevent stone formation in future.



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Ayurvedic Herbal Kidney Stone Treatment

Kidneys filter harmful substances and also useful ones from blood; it transfers useful substances back to body for reabsorption and passes out waste through urine. When body has stone forming substances like oxalic acid higher in quantity minerals precipitate to form a stone. This stone forms in tubules of kidneys and later block urinary canal to cause pain during urination, restricted urine flow and even bleeding after urination. Stone formation also depleteskidney functions and can harm them irreversibly.

The worst part of this problem is that it can reoccur again and again even after surgical removal of stone. Kid Clear capsules provide very effective herbal kidney stone removal treatment and not only flush the existing stone out of the organs but also prevent its reoccurrence in future. Use of these capsules has been found as very useful in treating and preventing the problem.

Kid Clear capsules possess herbs which act on the mucin, this is the compound which binds crystals of minerals and other substances and facilitates formation of stone. When this compound is weak it allows stone to disintegrate into fine pieces. These supplements possess herbs which are natural diuretics and increase urine output. Higher urine output flushes out fine particles of stone painlessly and without causing any damage.

These capsules possess herbs which are powerful antimicrobial and prevent any sort of infection from proliferating in kidneys to cause serious harm. These also heal the damages caused to these organs by stone and maintain their upbeat functions. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs present in this ayurvedic herbal kidney stone removal treatment suppress discomfort and troubling symptoms of the problem. These keep urinary canal free of wounds and injuries and allow smooth passage to urine.

Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment

Kid Clear capsules along with herbal kidney stone removal treatment provide effective prevention of the problem too. These possess herbs like Ambahaldi, Bastimoda, Pashanbhed, Kulthi, Pathharchur and many more. The herbs present in these prevent super-saturation of lithogenic substances which combine and form stone and also suppress absorption of oxamide from intestines and maintain healthy crystalloid-colloid balance. These herbs also promote effective removal of stone-forming compounds like oxalate and minimize chances of stone formation effectively.

These capsules due to their purely herbal nature are completely safe for men and women of all ages. These can be taken by people regularly who are suffering with stones, get dehydrated frequently, consume diuretic medicines or have tendency of stone formation. These are fit to be used for prolonged duration without worrying about side effects.

Ingredients of Kid Clear Capsules

Elaychi badi, Kulthi, Bastimoda, Javatea, Patthar chur, Pashan Bhed, Ambihaldi, Barna, Kaknaj, Javakhar, Gaukshroo, Apamarg, Kali musali, Makoy, Hauber, Kakadi, Taj, Karmkalla and Alubalu.

Direction of Use

Take 1 or 2 capsules of this ayurvedic kidney stone removal treatment regularly for about 3 to 4 months to get rid of kidney stones in a natural manner.

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2 reviews for Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment

  1. Rocky
    November 15, 2017

    Kidney stones hurt really bad. I wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible. My mother’s friend suggested me this product and it worked! Plus it did not leave any side effects.

  2. Sunita Porwal
    Sunita Porwal
    February 28, 2018

    This product saves me from surgery. I had a stone in my kidney. After using this pills for about 3 months I got relief from my kidney stone as well as its pain. When I was scanned a week before my surgery. No stone is found in my kidney. This is really an amazing product.

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