Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Massage Oil

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Rumacure oil is a uniquely prepared ayurvedic herbal joint and muscle pain relief massage oil. Buy Rumacure oil online in India and make your joints and muscles stronger and enduring.



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Ayurvedic Herbal Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Oil

Joints are the parts of body which make it move and perform various activities from small to big, these bear pressure and are always under strain during the duration person is awake. These body-parts need regular nourishment and protections from various stressors; disorders like arthritis are particularly damaging for joints and can make a person immobile. Ageing is natural cause which slows down systems of the body and cause weakness in all the organs including joints. Rumacure oil is herbal joint pain relief massage oil which alleviates pain and inflammation in joints and allows smooth movement. Muscles move joints and also provide power to perform activities; these too are under constant strain and if are weak or subjected to higher and regular pressure these can also cause pain. Rumacure oil is potent herbal muscle pain relief massage oil too which relieves muscular pain.

This ayurvedic herbal joint pain relief massage oil possesses herbs which curb pain by numbing the nerves around affected area, these nerves carry pain signal to brain and when these are less active person gains immediate relief from pain. This oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory herbs which diffuse swelling and also effective herbal ingredients to enhance flow of blood in affected region. Higher blood flow repairs damages and relieve strained parts to provide relief in a short time. Regular use of this herbal joint and muscle pain relief massage oil maintains optimum blood flow which brings nutrition and oxygen supply to joints and muscles and keeps them stronger and enduring.

This herbal joint pain relief massage oil possesses herbs which prevent infections and also dissolve crystals of harmful uric acid in joints to keep them smooth and mobile. This oil by maintaining optimum nutrition to joints and muscles protect them from ill-effects of ageing and keep a person active for longer period in life. Regular use of this ayurvedic herbal joint and muscle pain relief massage oil protect and repair cartilages from damages caused by arthritis, healthy cartilages allow smooth movement of joints and prevent arthritis from making them stiff, painful and unstable.

Herbal Massage Oil for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

This herbal joint and muscle pain relief massage oil possess herbs like Tarpin, Buleylu, Gandhapurna, Gandhapatri, Dalchini and Castor oil these oils possess strong properties to protect joints from arthritis and relieve muscular pain due to strain and overuse. This oil can be used to keep joints and muscles nourished by those who lead a strenuous lifestyle or are in heavy jobs; this oil is great for ageing individuals to keep joint problems away and stay fit and agile. This oil is purely herbal and do not cast any side effects even after prolonged use.

Ingredients of Rumacure Oil

Castor Oil, Dalchini oil, Gandhpurna Oil, Kapur Oil, Buleylu Oil and Tarpan oil.

Direction of Use

Apply a small quantity of Rumacure oil on the affected part of body and then massage this oil for 10 to 15 minutes in a gentle manner. Also, avoid the direct contact of fan for a few minutes of application of this ayurvedic joint pain relief massage oil. Repeat this process for atleast 3 to 4 months regularly to achieve the most efficient results.

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2 reviews for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Massage Oil

  1. Karishma Mehra
    Karishma Mehra
    December 2, 2017

    My grandmother applied this oil for a few weeks and it relieved her joint pain. She still uses it to keep her joints well.

  2. Abram
    July 5, 2018

    I tried many products for joint pain but this one has truly worked for me. This herbal oil has helped a lot to reduce joint pain and swelling. Amazing product! I will buy more!

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