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Rumatone Gold Capsules and Oil Combo Pack

Rumatone Gold capsules and oil are herbal supplements for aging individuals, arthritic and others who suffer with joint pain, stiffness, and swellings due to different reasons. These supplements in combination are wonderful aids to enhance strength, motion and endurance of joints and keep a person fit and mobile for longer period in life. These supplements arrest growth of debilitating diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc. efficiently and provide immense relief. These are so effective that in many cases these can reverse the damages caused by these disorders and strengthen a person’s musculoskeletal system considerably. These supplements are fast-acting and show no side effects in person of any age and are suitable for use by males and females both.

Benefits of Rumatone Gold Capsules

  • Strengthen organs of joints like bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Repair damaged and swelled bursae and relieve constricted nerves.
  • Fight back infections which affect synovial fluid of the joint.
  • Dissolve crystals of uric acid which damage cartilages.
  • Repair damaged tissues of the muscles and ligaments and improves their strength and endurance.
  • Repair damaged cartilages and promote smooth joint movement.
  • Curb arthritis joint pain and swelling in joints.
  • Diffuse redness, cure joint tenderness and debility in joints.
  • Improve nerve functions and provide much better joint stability.
  • Lower toxicity level in blood and enhance nutrition supply to the joints.
  • Boost-up immunity and protect joints from auto-immune disorder efficiently.
  • Protect body from bone degeneration and bone atrophy.
  • Powerful treatment for injuries, sprains, leg pains, low back pain, sciatica, cervical, frozen shoulder and other kind of aches in musculoskeletal system.

Benefits of Rumatone Gold Oil

  • Curbs pain and swelling in a short duration.
  • Promotes joint movement in a short time.
  • Increases range of motion of troubling joint.
  • Cures joint debility and enhances its strength and endurance.
  • Strengthens tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons of joints.
  • Keeps synovial fluid free of infections and acid crystals.
  • Hastens repairing of cartilages and damaged muscles, tendons, bursaes efficiently.
  • Effective against osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gout, septic and other kind of arthritis.
  • Improves nerve functions and relieves symptoms of fibromyalgia, neuralgia, etc. effectively.
  • Fast-acting treatment for muscle and bone injures, strain and pulls; relieves pain due to frozen shoulder, sciatica, etc.
  • Treats leg pains, lumbago, cervical spondylitis and increases strength of entire musculoskeletal system.

Best Arthritis Joint Pain Treatment in Ayurveda

Rumatone Gold capsules come loaded with highly effective and powerful herbs like Rasna, Suranjan, Kesar, Amla, Moti Pishti, Chobchini, Nag Bhasma, Kuchala, Sonth, Pipal, etc. These herbs are good sources of calcium and also supplement vitamin D in optimum dosage so that calcium gets absorbed in body smoothly and enhance strength and flexibility of bones. The effects of these herbs prevent bone atrophy and degeneration due to aging and disorders like osteoporosis. These herbs improve blood’s nutrient carrying capacities and enhance its flow with higher nutrition to strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons. These herbs are potent anti-inflammatory and curb pain to promote movement in joint. These numb pain signal carrying nerves and allow a person to move the joint.

These are immunity boosters and enhance immune system’s activities to curb infections in the joints and also prevent effects of auto-immune disorder which calms rheumatoid arthritis. Rumatone Gold capsules by virtue of their ingredients dissolve excessive uric acid in stomach and also its crystals present in blood to prevent and cure gouty arthritis; these also relieve redness, swelling and pain in joints due to gout. Herbal ingredients of these capsules initiate cartilage repair which promotes smooth joint movement.

Rumatone Gold oil is fast-acting and affects troubled joint quickly. It possesses herbs like Guggul, Kesar, Tilli oil, Jatamansi, Swarna Bhasma, etc. These enhance flow of blood in the region, diffuse swelling and curb pain. These speed-up tissue generation and enhance cartilage repairing process. Rumatone Gold oil possess herbal ingredients which seep through skin pores and diffuse redness, deposition of uric acid crystals and heal damages caused to joint organs. This oil enhances flow of nutrition and oxygen towards joints and promotes faster cell generation.

Rumatone Gold oil on regular application enhances strength of joint by nourishing all the organs and increases range of motion which gets depleted by due to arthritis, poor joint health and weaknesses. This oil also stimulates nerves of the region and improves their functions to enhance joint stability and endurance.

Rumatone Gold capsules and oil are very easy and simple to use. Consume one or two pills of Rumatone Gold capsules every day with plain water after breakfast and dinner for 3 to 4 months. Take oil in sufficient quantity and spread it over affected joint in a layer, gently massage the joint three times in a day to gain relief from pain and swelling and gain smooth joint movement. These are completely safe herbal supplements which enhance entire musculoskeletal system and cure disorders related to it. These do not cast any side effects even after prolonged use.

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Blister Pack (Rumatone Gold Capsules) and Plastic Sealed Bottle Pack (Rumatone Gold Oil)


30 ml per bottle

2 reviews for Rumatone Gold Capsules and Oil

  1. Mahika
    October 10, 2018

    I was single and living with arthritis at age of 55 was terrible. I could not come out of bed for half an hour after waking up and simple activities were uphill tasks for me. Thank God that there are supplements like these in this world. The oil soothes pain and stiffness so efficiently that you start moving in minutes. The capsules rebuild and repair your joints from inside so that you go back to healthy self if not completely then at least close. Wondrous supplements pulled me out of dark straits.

  2. Sugriv Gupta
    Sugriv Gupta
    November 16, 2018

    There was no recovery after taking allopathic medicines. All I was getting was bit relief from pain and stiffness but no improvement. I was becoming dependent over these medicines and also facing digestive problems due to regular intake. Finally I started using these supplements and in a month threw away all these pain-killers and anti-inflammatory pills. These are best supplements to fight back OA, not only relieve symptoms but heal the damages and make joints stronger and healthier. In my case I feel reversal of symptoms and my physical health is lot better.

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