I Ejaculate Too Quickly. Advise Ayurvedic Last Longer Pills


I always had difficulty in controlling my ejaculation though my wife never complained about it, but now it has become graver and I sometimes ejaculate even before penetration. Please suggest some effective Ayurvedic last longer pills to regain lost strength.

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Kamal Mehta

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  1. It seems that your reproductive system is strained and under-nourished as now it is showing serious symptoms of weakness. There are numerous causes which can exhaust a male’s reproductive system. Aging, diet and lifestyle are silent causes while bad habits like abusive sexual behaviour of any kind, smoking and alcoholism are pretty obvious ones. Due to these factors, males have slow, weak and sluggish reproductive system which promotes weakness in nerves and makes them lethargic. Weak and sluggish nerves deteriorate sensation in male genital region and reduce intensity of climaxes to cause weak and soft erections and also cause a male to ejaculate much before he wishes to. Gradually these issues can lead to low libido and make a male less interested in lovemaking activities. Ayurvedic supplements are the best ways to get out of this condition quickly and gain improved abilities to make intense love. Herbs present in Ayurvedic supplements in a short time bless a male with perfect control over his discharge by reenergizing his reproductive system, nerves and body.

    We suggest you Masti capsules and King Cobra oil to gain longer staying power in bed. Masti capsules possess herbs which heighten a male’s vitality and produce higher energy in body. These capsules supplement nutrients in bio-available form, increase rate of energy producing reactions and regulate flow of energy all over the body. Some of the herbs in these pills are aphrodisiacs; these elevate level of testosterone hormone which rejuvenate reproductive organs and nerves by guiding flow of energy towards male reproductive system and enhance a male’s libido and potency naturally. King Cobra oil is recommended due to its amazing abilities to increase flow of blood towards male genital region and boost-up testicular and prostate functions. This oil regenerates tissues, improve nerve functions and make tissues bigger to cause harder, quicker and bigger erections. This oil works within a few minutes of use and on regular use can bless a male with the ability to gain back to back erections and the ability to discharge when he wishes to.

    You can buy these supplements online by visiting company’s website and ordering these supplements and you will be able to get them within 3-5 working days. You will find easy payment options like NEFT, cheque, DD, COD and cash deposit for your convenience. Use these supplements regularly to enjoy your bedtime activities and stay energetic and active for longer period in life.

    To know more about Masti capsules and King Cobra oil please visit here: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/ayurvedic-treatment-increase-sex-time-men/

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