Causes And Treatment Of Swapandosh Problem In Men


Swapandosh ki problem kyun hoti hai aur iska treatment kaise ho sakta hai? Please tell me the causes and treatment of swapandosh problem.

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  1. Nightfall or Swapandosh is a natural process of body to discard old lot of semen in absence of proper ejaculation to replace it with fresh lot. Semen production is an on-going process in the male body and the body always tries to keep its fresh lot to enable smooth conception. But when it starts occurring too frequently it turns into a problem. Males having sluggish and weak nerves and lethargic reproductive system are unable to keep semen locked during sleep and such males when see an erotic dream or get excited, discharge involuntarily to suffer with Swapandosh. Frequent episodes further aggravate weaknesses as reproductive system is pushed to replenish lost semen and gradually regular loss of semen causes deficiencies in the body and deteriorate health and energy. In a short duration, males not only face severe weaknesses and malfunctions in reproductive system but also face poor physical and mental health.

    NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules are amazing beneficial Ayurvedic supplements which help in reversing this condition in a short time. These supplements eradicate weaknesses and debilities in reproductive system and nerves and make them stronger and also initiate processes which maintain regular and optimum flow of energy towards reproductive organs. Some of the herbs present in these supplements reenergize and boost-up testicular functions and relieve problems related to prostate gland. Energized reproductive system, strong nerves and improved testicular and prostate functions stop nightfall and heighten a male’s potency and virility naturally. These positive changes treat all sorts of disorders like Swapandosh, slow erections, early discharge and lesser interest in lovemaking and make a male capable lover in bed.

    Vital M-40 capsules preserve good effects of NF Cure capsules by improving a male’s physical and mental health. These pills possess herbs which compound a male’s vitality and health and maintain all the systems including reproductive system energized and strong. These remove deficiencies and increase frequency of energy producing reactions to heighten a male’s stamina and strength. Some of the herbs balance hormonal secretion and produce health promoting hormones in higher quantity to boost-up metabolism, circulation and immunity system of the body. Balanced hormonal secretion also maintains sound mental health and keeps a male relaxed and calm. You can get these supplements by ordering at company’s website and you will get delivery within 3-5 working days. You can make payments via cheque, DD, NEFT, COD or cash deposit.

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