Ayurvedic Medicine For Early Discharge Due To Masturbation


Mujhe early discharge ki samasya hai, main erection ke baad bahut mushkil se apna discharge control kar pata hun. Main pehle hand practice karta tha shayad isi wajah se early discharge ki problem huyi hai. Kya jo rog masturbation ki wajah se huye hain unka ilaj Ayurvedic dawa se ho sakta hai?

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  1. Problem of early discharge or premature ejaculation is depressing and frustrating for both the partners. You need to take proper treatment as it can be caused by numerous reasons. Ayurvedic supplements come loaded with herbs which provide wide range of benefits and address each and every cause of the problem naturally. We would recommend use of No Fall, Maha Rasayan and King Cobra oil in combination to gain fast cure for problem of early discharge happened due to over masturbation. Consume one or two pills of each capsule after meals in morning and evening and massage male organ with oil in morning and evening. On regular use, these supplements prolong a male’s duration of lovemaking and provide him with ability to discharge when he wishes to. These supplements improve quality of erections, increase male libido and semen volume as well.

    Herbs improve a male’s vitality by increasing supplementation of nutrients and frequency of energy producing reactions. These also compound a male’s stamina and rejuvenate his reproductive system. Some of the herbs used in these pills improve nerve functions, make them energized and maintain flow of energy to keep them strong during lovemaking. Active and energized nerves increase sensation in genital region and delay a male’s ejaculation to resolve problem of early discharge. King Cobra oil further improves effects of capsules and brings faster and better results. This oil further improves nerve functions and also quality of erections and even increases size of erections. It reduces recovery time between two erections and increases a male’s ejaculatory force. Males discharge early due to poor energy in body or reproductive system, weak nerves and poor emotional status. These supplements resolve all these problems and make a male capable of making love for longer duration and performing actively in lovemaking sessions. Overall effects of these supplements enhance a male’s chances of achieving fatherhood by improving quality of semen, these supplements also improve testicular functions to produce healthy and motile sperms in higher number and promote healthy prostate functions to increase volume of semen. You can buy these supplements online, just access company’s website and pay through easy options like NEFT, cheque, DD, cash deposit or COD. You will get the best quality supplements at the most economical prices with faster delivery within 3-5 working days.

    To know more about No Fall, Maha Rasayan capsules and King Cobra oil please visit here: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/no-fall-maha-rasayan-capsules-king-cobra-oil/

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