I Ejaculate Too Fast. How To Control Ejaculation for Longer?


Main chahe kitni bhi koshish kar lun lekin 1 minute se jyaada der tak sex nahi kar paata hun. Mujhe kabhi koi buri aadat bhi nahi rahi. Kya yeh kisi aur wajah se hai, please iska koi Ayurvedic treatment bataein?

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Satvik Mahajan

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  1. You are not alone in this club, there are millions of males who discharge far too early than they wish to and before satisfying their female partner. Males are able to perform lovemaking for longer duration only when they have optimum energy in their reproductive system and body. Apart from bad habits, there are numerous other causes which can reduce a male’s duration in bed directly or indirectly. Males not eating proper diet, leading lethargic lifestyle and suffering with health issues which harm nerves like diabetes or other disorders like hypertension, stress, etc., have lesser control over their ejaculation. Many males suffer with reduced ability to last longer in bed due to medications or long term use of tranquilizers, sedatives, etc. We recommend you one perfect solution to recover from weakness and enjoy your love-life to the fullest. Use Lawax capsules and Lawax oil in combination and gain amazing ability to discharge at your own will. These Ayurvedic supplements not only eradicate debilities which make you ejaculate quickly but also improve performance, energy and strength of entire system to impart extra-ordinary lovemaking power and optimum virility.

    Lawax capsules energize nerves, reproductive system and enhance vitality simultaneously. In short duration of use, these make a male physically energetic and strong and rejuvenate his reproductive system. These pills make nerves strong and active which provide higher sensation in genital region and provide perfect control over ejaculation. Lawax oil enhances flow of blood and promotes faster rate of cell generation to strengthen reproductive organs and improve nerve functions. This oil makes male organ stronger and sensitive and improves its size during erections. Combined effects of these supplements allow a male to gain quick and powerful erections and hold them for longer duration to make intense and highly satisfactory love. These supplements boost-up potency, increase sperm count and semen volume to maximize chances of achieving fatherhood. To get these supplements; visit company’s website and place your order, you will get delivery within 3-5 working days and there are easy and safe payment options like COD, NEFT, cash deposit, DD and cheque for your convenience. Due to herbal nature you can use these supplements without any medical prescription.

    To know more about Lawax capsules and oil kindly visit here: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/lawax-capsules-and-lawax-oil/

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