Major Reasons Of Swapandosh Or Nightfall And Natural Cure


Swapandosh kyun hota hai, kya karan hai jo is samasya ko shuru karte hain aur kya ayurvedic treatment is problem ko rok sakta hai? I want to know about the reasons of swapandosh and natural cure for it. Please help me out.

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  1. In precise, Swapandosh is caused due to weak nerves and poor emotional status. At young age when a boy has just achieved puberty, hormonal activities can give rise to Swapandosh which is benign and goes away once body gets accustomed to new hormones and their activities, but at later age emotional health and nerves are responsible for causing this problem. Even at later age, occasional occurrence of Swapandosh is not considered as a problem but once it starts occurring too frequently, it jeopardizes a male’s health and potency. There are numerous causes which can lead to weakness in nerves and poor emotional status. Diet, lifestyle, health conditions, medications and bad habits like hand-practice, alcohol intake, smoking, etc., all can contribute in weakening nerves and reproductive system and disturbing a male’s emotional status to bring frequent nightfall (Swapandosh).

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