Shighrapatan Ki Ayurvedic Dawa


Main apni marriage ke baad se depression mein hun kyunki main jaldi discharge ho jaata hun, mujhe mere friends ne Ayurvedic dawa ke bare mein bataya, please bataein agar aisi koi achi Shighrapatan ki Ayurvedic dawa ho to?

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Priyank Mehta

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  1. Your friends are right. There are couple of wonderful Ayurvedic supplements that provide holistic treatment for Shighrapatan. Problem of premature ejaculation (shighrapatan) in males occurs due to weak and lethargic nerves. Nerves in male genital region provide sensation to cause erections and also hold semen back to delay ejaculation. But males suffering with exhausted reproductive system and weak and damaged nerves discharge semen involuntarily and stop lovemaking much before satisfying the female partner repeatedly. You can use Lawax capsules and Lawax oil to get rid of this problem and enjoy your love-life to the fullest. These Ayurvedic supplements can be ordered from company’s website and you will get them within 3-5 working days. You can pay through DD, cheque, cash deposit or NEFT. Even facility of COD is available. Your privacy will be maintained and you can gain easy and very effective treatment without anyone else knowing about it.

    Lawax capsules possess herbs which rejuvenate reproductive system and energize nerves. These repair damaged nerves and tissues and guide flow of energy towards reproductive system. In short duration of use, these capsules strengthen all the organs of male genital region and maintain supply of energy to keep them in optimum health. These keep nerves energized too that further helps to delay ejaculation and allows a male to discharge at his own will. The effects of these pills are long-lasting and males can stay away from the problem of Shighrapatan for longer period in life. Apart from longer staying power in bed, males gain higher libido, intense arousals and powerful erections by using these pills. Lawax capsules improve a male’s potency by increasing sperm count and semen volume and prolong his duration of climaxes.

    Massages with Lawax oil provide faster results. This oil works within a few minutes of use and promotes powerful erections, it reduces the time between two erections and allows a male to gain back to back erections. On regular use, this oil dilates blood vessels and maintains energy supply to nerves to delay ejaculation and also dilates the tissues of male genital organ. Bigger tissues increase the size of erection considerably so that a man can perform in bed with immense confidence. Lawax capsules and oil possess anti-inflammatory herbs which treat the problems of enlarged prostate gland and blockages in seminal vesicles and improve muscular functions to increase semen volume and force of male’s ejaculation.

    To know more about Lawax capsules and Lawax oil kindly visit here:

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