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Sexual Weakness Ayurvedic Treatment

Increase Male Stamina and Power

Sexual Weakness Ayurvedic Treatment

Weaknesses in male reproductive system are not rare. These generally come with ageing but due to numerous other causes can arrive much earlier in age. Male’s reproductive functions depend upon his vitality, energy levels, hormonal balance, lifestyle and habits. Ayurvedic remedies to increase sex power in men are effective ways to recover from problems arising due to lifestyle, bad habits and due to poor energy or hormonal imbalance. Male’s reproductive system needs regular supply of energy to keep a male potent and virile. Males running low on energy due to poor dietary intake, unhealthy lifestyle or due to health conditions which can reduce male’s vitality are easy victims of low potency.

Problems related to metabolism can also reduce supply of energy towards reproductive system by slowing down digestion and absorption of nutrients in body. Proper hormonal balance is of utmost importance to keep a male virile. Some hormones are required by the body to maintain proper digestion and breakdown complex food items which are vital for producing energy, hormones also play a role in circulating nutrition all over body. Apart from hormones playing a role in keeping metabolism higher, testosterone hormone is crucial for keeping male reproductive system energized and active. Low testosterone levels in one of the most common causes of low potency and vigour in a male. Ayurvedic remedies can address all these commonly found causes of low energy for lovemaking in men.

Ayurvedic remedies to increase sex power in men enhance male’s vitality and improve his energy levels. These provide higher strength and stamina and keep a male energized to enjoy bedtime activities. Ayurvedic treatment for sexual weakness in men correct internal disorders and also elevate level of testosterone hormone to reenergize reproductive system and boost-up male’s potency and virility. Low power in men can be due to health conditions as well. These health conditions reduce energy which over a period of time can make male reproductive system under-nourished and weak, or these can affect performance of reproductive organs directly like diabetes. Ayurvedic remedies to increase male sex power can handle problem of poor potency and low virility in men even due to presence of health conditions as well.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Increase Sex Power In Men

Ayurvedic remedies are wonderful aids to resolve all sorts of weaknesses, disorders and shortcomings which negatively affect a male’s potency and virility. Ayurvedic treatment improves energy and stamina in a natural way. Male’s physical and mental health and energy in his reproductive system determines level of male’s power and energy. Male’s lacking in any of these three fronts can become poor lovers at any age. The beauty of natural cure for male weakness is that it works by improving male’s physical and mental health and rejuvenate his reproductive system simultaneously to provide holistic and long-lasting cure. Ayurvedic remedies to increase male power can eradicate weaknesses occurring due to ageing or due to other factors and enhance performance of male reproductive system.

Various disorders, ageing and in-abstinences in lifestyle or habits can cause problems related to hormonal secretion or harm nerves and tissues of genital region. Males can have blocked blood vessels, due to obesity, high sugar, high cholesterol or other reasons which reduce flow of blood and supply of nutrition to all parts of the body including reproductive system. Poor supply of nutrition deteriorates testicular functions and male testosterone hormone less available for reproductive functions. Males in habit of alcoholism smoking or involved excessively with hand-practice etc. have weak reproductive organs and enlarged or inflamed prostate gland.

All of these factors are responsible for depleting male’s vigour for lovemaking and raise issues like erectile dysfunction and early discharge. Poor testicular functions, enlargement of prostate gland and low energy levels in reproductive system cause low semen volume and sperm count, these conditions wipe-off male’s ability to achieve fatherhood and also reduce his pleasure during climax to cause less vigour for lovemaking. All these conditions cause low sex power in men, natural cure alleviates these condition fast and effectively to make a male desirable lover in bed and gain most out of his love-life.

What Is Sexual Weakness In Men?

Inability to gain quick and powerful erections, inability to make love for longer duration, low semen volume and less vigour to make love are all signs of weakness in men. These conditions are outcome of poor vitality. Disturbed hormonal balance, weak nerves, damaged or weak tissues and other disorders like poor testicular functions, enlargement in prostate gland, blocked blood vessels and urinary system disorders. Males suffering with weaknesses related to their reproductive system have lesser chances of achieving fatherhood and are poor lovers in bed. Such males can even become depressed and suffer with very low confidence.

Mental health can also lead to poor performance in bed. Psychological issues can prevent a male from focusing on the act which reduces his intensity of lovemaking, lesser intensity depletes pleasure during the act and brings episodes of failure by hindering optimum erections or allowing male to discharge too early. Repeated occurrences of these failures reduce a male vigour for lovemaking and harm his power to perform well in bed.

Symptoms and Causes of Low Male Power

Depleting potency and virility shows some early signs of the problem which are as follows.

  • Reducing desire for lovemaking and slow arousals even after persuasions
  • Depleting quality of erections like slow or softer erections or reduction in size of erections
  • Reducing volume of semen
  • Lesser sensation in genital region
  • Lesser erotic thoughts and fantasies
  • Too much flaccid male organ during normal state
  • Involuntary discharge of semen or excessive precum
  • Poor vitality or low energy levels
  • Presence of health conditions like hypertension, diabetes or other disorders which affect nervous system

The causes of low stamina and energy in men are innumerable. Some of the commonly found causes are as follows –

  • Poor dietary intake lacking in proper nutrition
  • Stress
  • Slow metabolism
  • Obesity, lethargic lifestyle, long sitting hours and lack of exercises
  • Long term use of sedatives, tranquilizers etc.
  • Hypertension medications and use of antidepressants
  • Bad habits like alcoholism smoking and unnatural practices to gain pleasure
  • Use of recreational drugs or steroids
  • Use of cheap supplements for enhancing pleasure of lovemaking
  • Health conditions
  • Unstable emotional status
  • Psychological disorders
  • Exposure to radiations, heavy metals or surgeries affecting testicles
  • Prostate surgeries or enlargement of gland
  • Heart problems, blocked blood vessels etc.

Foods That Increase Male Stamina to Last Longer In Bed

Some foods have been found as very effective in treating problem of low energy, vigour and verve in males for lovemaking. These foods enhance effects of natural sexual weakness treatment and provide faster results. In general males who want to stay away from poor energy problems can include these foods in diet to remain high ion potency and virility.

Avocados: This fruit has abundant stores of healthy fats, vitamins and folic acid which are stupendous in improving male’s libido and secretion of hormones which enhance his intensity and energy in bed. Folic acid helps body in metabolizing protein faster, higher availability of protein increase energy, vitality and muscular performance. Healthy fats get digested quickly to produce energy and support all the systems of the body including reproductive system, big bunch of vitamins found in this fruit including B6 provide further good effects to boost-up male’s drive and passion for lovemaking.

Almonds: These nuts are sources of nutrients which are particularly beneficial for heightening male’s physical energy and also functions of his reproductive system. Almonds shall be consumed without salt and in raw form to gain maximum benefits. These supply omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B2, magnesium and calcium in optimum dosage. These nuts enhance flow of blood towards male reproductive system and also dilate blood vessels.

Garlic: This commonly used spice may have pungent and repelling smell but its effects can make any male’s love-life sweeter. This spice helps in promoting flow of blood towards male genital organ and maintains optimum energy supply during arousals. It also has capacity to lower cholesterol and remove blockages which may restrict flow of blood. It fights back infections and also improves heart health to enhance energy and lovemaking abilities of a male.

Chocolate: This sweet and aromatic food is rich source of antioxidants. These compounds are powerful anti-ageing which protects tissues from free-radical damage, these compounds also open-up blocked blood vessels and enhance flow of blood. Cocoa present in chocolates contains phenylethlamine which enhance feeling of love and wellbeing in a person. Do not go overboard with this food consume moderate quantities of it and preferably dark chocolate for giving some extra boost to your libido.

Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are sources of wide range of nutrients like vitamins C, B, D, E and K, and minerals like Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorous. These nutrients are prolific in enhancing male’s drive and energy level. Zinc in particular is highly beneficial as it enhance testosterone levels and also boost-up energy and strength of reproductive organs. Pumpkin seeds are recommended with most of sexual weakness treatment due to their amazing ingredients and easy availability. Include these in your salad or chew them straight out of jar regularly.

Watermelon: This fruit is 92% water and remaining 8% is packed with powerful nutrients like vitamin A, C and B6 and lots of lycopene, amino acids and antioxidants. This fruit on regular intake enhance male’s potency and virility and it is also beneficial for treating inflammation and enhancing physical energy. The benefits of this fruit are so huge over male reproductive system that this is often recommended as Ayurvedic remedies to last longer in bed.

Ginger: this rhizome has amazingly beneficial properties to heighten male’s performance in bed. It has aphrodisiac properties which increase a male’s libido and improve sensitivity of genital organs and region of a male to promote intense arousals. This is also metabolism booster and helps in breaking down complex food items like protein and fats faster to improve physical energy levels. It raises body temperature and blood flow throughout body.

Eggs: Whether it is an egg of hen or fish or any other bird it has wonderful properties to enhance drive and energy in male for lovemaking. These are sources of complete protein and also some crucial vitamins. Vitamin B5 and B6 are excellent in relaxing blood vessels and fighting back stress which is one of the major causes of depleted drive in men. These are instant sources of energy, consume boiled or grilled for maximum nutrition.

Natural Remedies for Low Stamina In Men

Natural remedies for sexual weakness treatment can be helpful in preventing and reducing intensity of the problem. These are mainly related to diet and lifestyle to nullify ill-effects of issues like sleep deprivation, poor dietary intake, jumbled daily routine and stress which are commonly found causes of low libido in males even in absence of any health condition, bad habit or other serious causes. Some of these top natural remedies are as follows.

Mind your breakfast: Breakfast is most important meal of the day. If you are a three meal guy breakfast becomes even more important because you won’t be eating anything in those crucial starting hours of the day till noon and chances are bright that you may fill yourself up with too much at dinner table. This pattern of eating harms metabolism, reduces energy levels, and leaves you with little strength for bedtime acts. Include wholegrain and fat-free dairy products in your breakfast on regular basis, include fruits and nuts too for gaining maximum nutrition, and stay energized not only during the day but when you reach home.

Mind your sleep: Sleeping for lesser hours not only increases chances of stress but also your blood pressure. Both of these conditions are anti-romantic and can make you lesser interested in bed. Once male feels less keen to make love over a period of time severe weaknesses can show up. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours regularly, do not mind taking an afternoon nap if needed to allow your body and mind to recuperate.

Exercises: Perform regular exercises. You do not need to go to gym necessarily, exercises can be performed at home also and people remain in discipline when they exercise at home. Yoga has excellent poses to boost-up stamina and strength and also to enhance flow of blood towards your genitals. Walking, swimming or jogging can be good too for maintaining interest and ability to enjoy love-life.

Massages and baths: These can be relaxing and energizing both. You can ask for help for massages or can do on your own. Use of any essential oil can be even better as aroma of certain oils is exciting for males and females both and can heighten desire to become active in bed. Warm water tub baths are refreshing. These can take away day’s stress and bring you in mood for erotic activities. You can try these alternatively or any one of these to spice-up your love-life.

Mind your drinks and medication: Too much booze will turn you off moment you lie down in bed and if you continue with higher intake it will make your genital region insensitive by depleting nerve functions. Poor flow of energy during arousals can raise different types of disorders as well. If you are experiencing drop in your energy levels after starting any medication consult the practitioner.

Sexual Weakness Treatment In Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Weakness In Men

Ayurvedic remedies for treating poor male stamina, low drive and energy are highly beneficial and trusted all over the world. Ayurvedic supplements have made using these herbs very easy and simple. Alleviating problems related to male reproductive system is not only easy with Ayurvedic supplements but also fast, dependable and long-lasting. Masti capsules are herbal last longer pills which come loaded with powerful herbs. These herbs are chosen so that no aspect of the problem remains untouched. These herbs are broadly aphrodisiac and nutritive in nature. Aphrodisiac herbs enhance secretion of testosterone hormone in male body and rejuvenate male reproductive system. These herbs enhance flow of energy towards male genital region not only during normal state but also during arousals. Higher flow of energy keeps reproductive organs energized, nourished and upbeat to heighten a male’s intensity during lovemaking.

Poorly functioning nerves, and weak and feeble tissues, are also causes of poor performance of males in bed. These raise problems like early discharge and soft erections. Masti capsules possess herbs which are Ayurvedic remedies to last longer in bed these herbs improve nerve functions and maintain them active. These herbs also repair damaged tissues and strengthen them to improve quality of erections and allow a male to perform lovemaking as long as he wishes to. Active energized nerves provided by these herbal last longer pills cure other problems like wet dreams or excessive precum as well which also harm a male’s potency and virility. These pills maintain regular flow of energy during arousals. Energized nerves make genital region sensitive for faster arousals and also enhance male’s pleasure during intimate moments to improve his intensity.

Body is source of energy for reproductive system, organs and nerves. Herbal male stamina pills take care of this aspect of the problem too, weak and unhealthy males cannot maintain optimum functions of their genital organs. Some of the herbs used in Mast capsules are highly nourishing and improve a male’s vitality considerably in a short time. These remove deficiencies and increase rate of energy producing reactions so that male stays high on stamina and gains energy supply whenever he needs it. Masti capsules herbal male stamina pills are not only beneficial for improving male’s energy level but also his physical and mental health.

Application of King Cobra oil enhances effects of Masti capsules and provides faster and better Ayurvedic sexual weakness treatment. This oil dilates blood vessels and enhances flow of blood increasing supply of nutrition and oxygen supply. This oil strengthens tissues and makes them bigger, strong and bigger tissues increase quality of erection and even increase their size considerably. This oil further enhances sensitivity of genital region by stimulating nerve functions and delays a male’s ejaculation. Combined effects of these supplements provide a male ability to discharge when he wishes to and perform lovemaking intensely for gratifying duration. These supplements increase semen volume and sperm count by boosting-up testicular functions and healthy prostate functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Masti capsules and King cobra oil safe to use?

Both of these supplements are purely herbal. These do not contain any artificial compound or substance and can be used even for prolonged duration. King Cobra oil is so safe that even males with sensitive skin can use it without any medical prescription. These supplements are used by males living at different geographical locations and no one has reported any side effect even after regular use.

What are the ingredients of these capsules?

Masti capsules possess herbal ingredients which are – Kesar,Abhrak Bhasma, Lauh Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Ras Sindoor Bhasma,Jaiphal,Dalchini,Gokhru,Talmakhana, Tulsi, Samer, Ramayphal, Shilajit Sudh, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Vidarikand and Kaunch. King Cobra oil possesses combination of herbs and herbal oil which are – Kesar, Javitri, Akarkara, Ashwagandha, Samudra Phal, Jaiphal Oil, Kapur Oil, Dalchini Oil and Kalonji Oil.

How to take these supplements to obtain good result?

To apply King Cobra oil, take 10-15 drops and apply over male organ for few minutes till it gets absorbed in the skin. Perform these massages once in morning and before going to bed. Consume Masti capsules one or two pills after breakfast and dinner with water or milk regularly.

What if I miss a dose?

It is not advisable to be irregular in taking this treatment, missing a dose can delay results, but if you ever miss a dose do not worry as it is not going to harm you in any way. Start taking the treatment like usual from next day onwards.

How soon should I expect the first result?

King Cobra oil starts working right from day one, on regular use the results become better and long-lasting. But do not be impatient and continue the treatment for required duration. Herbs need time to eradicate weaknesses and cannot provide overnight results.

How long do these supplements take to show their effects?

We would recommend that one should use these supplements for at least 4 months. Using these supplements for proper duration ensures maximum benefits.

What other benefits are there?

Apart from gaining higher energy and ability to last longer in bed males gain fast and powerful erections, higher semen volume and improved vitality. These improve male’s mental health and relieve psychological problems like anxiety and depression. Improved nervous system higher metabolism, better circulatory system, healthy urinary system and improved muscular functions are other benefits of using these supplements.

Where can I buy this herbal treatment in India?

You can order these supplements online. Place your order at and you will get best quality products at most economical prices.

What are the payment methods to purchase these capsules?

You can pay through online payment method as well as cheque, DD or cash deposit. We also accept payments through NEFT and provide facility of cash on delivery.

How is my order shipped?

We use FedEx for shipping our products to ensure timely and safe delivery. The products are wrapped in a plain envelope before shipping to maintain your privacy.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You will get your order within 3 to 5 working days anywhere in India. The goods will be supplied right at your doorstep within stipulated time.

Are these products sold in a store near me?

Currently you can purchase these only online. We are not dealing through any distributor right now.

I live outside India. Do you ship your products worldwide?

Yes we cater to our international clients through all over the world.

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