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Causes of Male Impotence and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes of Male Impotence and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes of Male Impotence

There are numerous causes of male impotence which vary from physical to psychological. Impotence is characterized by a male’s repeated failures in gaining quick and powerful erections with proper partner under appropriate circumstances. Poor energy and vitality are the major causes of impotence as these create deficiencies which deprive body of proper nutrition and slow down reproductive system. Unnatural practices like hand-practice are common causes of impotence in young males. Hand-practice damages nerves and tissues of male organ and make it weak and insensitive. The weakness and insensitivity reduces sensation and intensity of arousals to cause weak or soft erections.

Hand-practice also irritates prostate gland and brings issues like semen with urine, excessive precum and low libido to deplete quality of erections. Males getting aroused few times during the day through erotic or porn material either face problem of PE and wet dreams or fail to gain proper erections due to congested prostate gland. Arousals without ejaculation too are common causes of male impotence and numerous other disorders. Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, nervousness, etc., distract a male in bed and do not allow him to focus on the act which also brings episodes of ED.

Psychological causes also promote low libido which is one of the primary causes of male impotence. Males suffering with disorders which harm overall energy and stamina and also damage nerves of body like diabetes are also commonly found reasons of male impotency. Even certain types of medicines cause impotence as a side effect after long term use. Treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, exposure to chemicals, heavy metal exposure and environmental pollutants also cause slowness and weakness in male reproductive system and may lead to impotence.

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Low testosterone hormone levels are also major causes of male impotence. This hormone is vital and its lesser production in body means low libido and sluggish reproductive system. This hormone is also responsible for testicular functions and production of sperms. Males suffering with lesser testosterone levels suffer with problems in gaining erections and also have poor fertility. Many males do not suffer with low production of testosterone hormone but have presence of hormones which scavenge testosterone and make it unusable.

Use of drugs, excessive alcohol intake and long term use of sedatives are few factors which deplete level of testosterone by making it unusable. Low testosterone levels slowdown reproductive system functions and promote debility. Low T-levels also deplete physical energy levels and reduce mental abilities. Lethargic lifestyle, obesity, heavy jobs and surgeries are also causes of male impotence in many cases.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Male Impotence

4T Plus capsules provide highly beneficial impotence herbal treatment. These pills possess herbs which supplement nutrients in bioavailable form to eliminate deficiencies and weaknesses. This Ayurvedic treatment for impotence in men increase energy producing reactions and dilate blood vessels so that each and every cell of body gains optimum nutrition and energy supply.

This impotence herbal treatment in a short time boost-up a male’s vitality, energy and stamina considerably. Ayurvedic treatment for impotence in men increase levels of testosterone hormone to energize male reproductive system and improve testicular and nerve functions.

These ayurvedic impotence supplements possess herbs which promote healthy prostate functions and treat inflammation and enlargement of gland effectively by reversing side effects of hand-practice and other factors quickly. Ayurvedic treatment for impotence in men shield ill-effects of aging, medications and disorders as well and maintains energy in body and reproductive system to fight back impotency.

Higher blood flow promoted by impotence herbal treatment promotes faster cell generation to repair damaged tissues of male organ and also repair and energize nerves. Active nerves and strong tissues make male organ stronger and responsive and promote powerful and strong erections.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Impotence in Men

Use of Overnight oil along with pills makes it even better and highly beneficial Ayurvedic treatment for impotence in men. This oil brings faster results by dilating blood vessels and promoting higher flow of blood. It keeps nerves active, provides nourishment to cells and also enhances sensation in male genital region.

This oil provides impotence herbal treatment by generating tissues in male organ and making them bigger and healthier. Bigger tissues promote bigger erections and active nerves increase sensation to allow males to gain back to back erections. This oil also helps in keeping prostate and testicular functions upbeat and promotes release of testosterone hormone to provide fast and holistic impotence herbal treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment for impotence in men cures issues like premature ejaculation as well and improves quality and quantity of semen. This works well for increasing sperm count and making a male a keener lover in bed.

This treatment curbs the ill-effects of psychological causes of the problem as well and allows a male to focus on the act by shedding anxious and depressing thoughts. Due to herbal nature these supplements can be used by a man of any age and for prolonged duration without worrying about side effects.

Buy Herbal Supplements to Cure Male Impotence and ED Naturally.

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