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Ayurvedic Medicines for Enlarged Prostate

Ayurvedic Medicines for Enlarged Prostate

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Enlarged Prostate

Prostate gland plays an important role in male’s potency and fertility. This gland produces seminal fluids which are discharged along with sperms to carry them through to woman’s uterus safely and fertilize egg. Lesser seminal fluids means that large number of sperms will die during their voyage towards egg and none may be able to reach and fertilize it. Prostate gland is also responsible for forceful discharge of semen, it encircles urinary canal close to urethra and contracts to ejaculate semen with force so that it goes far and deep into woman’s genital passage to reach uterus quickly. This gland also allows passing of urine with force.

Due to ageing this gland is bound to get enlarged, generally males around 50 years of age experience symptoms of enlargement of prostate gland. This condition is called BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia. Males involved in activities like hand practice or excessive coition put lots of strain over their gland to make it congested and swollen. Enlarged, congested or swollen prostate gland produces seminal fluids in low volume, hinders ejaculation, cause retrograde ejaculation and hinders urine flow to cause discomforting symptoms, and harm male’s potency and desire for lovemaking.

Ayurvedic Treatment for BPH Problems

Ayurvedic medicines for enlarged prostate gland handle inflammation, enlargement and congestion efficiently. Ayurvedic medicines for enlarged prostate are capable of shrinking over-grown gland back to normal size due to old age. These minimize chances of surgeries and relieve symptoms like restricted urine flow, semen with urine, pain and burning during urination. Ayurvedic medicines for enlarged prostate increase semen volume, promote ejaculation with force, and increase male’s libido by prolonging duration of his climaxes. These reverse ill-effects of malpractices like hand-practice and excessive coition and prevent build-up of fluids around gland to maintain its functions. Ayurvedic medicines for enlarged prostate gland protect gland from damages caused by free-radicals and immune system malfunctions like auto-immune disorder.

Shatavari extract

Shatavari Extract Enlarged Prostate Treatment

This herb has strong rejuvenating properties which curb ill-effects of ageing and regenerate worn-out tissues and cells of gland. This herb improves strength and endurance of reproductive organs of male and female both and help in bringing back lost health of prostate too effectively.

Akik Pishti

This herb is highly beneficial in treating prostatitis which causes inflammation of prostate gland. It curbs bacterial infections and is powerful anti-inflammatory. It is immunity enhancer and keeps bladder and urinary canal free from harmful bacteria. This is one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicines for enlarged prostate gland.


This herb is widely used to strengthen reproductive organs. It is nutritive, digestive and anti-bacterial. It is natural remedy for renal calculi and improves health of urinary canal to promote smooth urine flow. This herb keeps prostate healthy and free from damages caused by ageing and chemicals etc. to work as effective Ayurvedic medicine for enlarged prostate.


Gokshuru Remedy for Enlarged Prostate

This herb nourishes and improves functions of all the organs of male reproductive system including prostate gland. It suppresses infections in bladder or urinary canal and increases urinary output. It treats numerous disorders related to urinary system and is digestion booster.


One of the renowned herbal medicines for enlarged prostate. It is recommended for improving liver and spleen functions and increases urine output. It is anti-bacterial and also improves digestion. Very effective in treating UTI and keeps prostate protected from bacterial and other kinds of infections and damages caused by chemicals.


This spice is excellent digestion improver and coolant. It nullifies acids and chemicals present in digestive system and protect organs from damages. It is powerful detoxifier and curbs pain, spasms and allergies.


This herb is rich source of saponins which are powerful and active antioxidants. These protect cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and maintain healthy flow of blood towards prostate gland. It keeps cell generation in the gland higher and shield ill-effects of ageing

Prostocure capsules are Ayurvedic remedies for BPH problems which protect health of gland from ageing, infections and bad habits. These Ayurvedic remedies for prostate problems shrink size of enlarged prostate gland by generating muscle fibrens. Due to ageing prostate gland suffers with wear and tear in muscles and body repair these damages by generating collagen in place of muscular fibrens. Collagen causes enlargement in size of gland and constrict urinary canal to cause problems during urination and promote retrograde ejaculation. Prostocure Ayurvedic remedies for BPH also protect gland from congestion caused by excessive hand-practice or coition which increases chances of bacterial infections and prostatitis to cause inflammation.

By curbing bacterial activities and regenerating damaged tissues of glands these Ayurvedic remedies for BPH diffuse inflammation, clear infection and build-up of fluid around gland to bring back its normal functions. These pills provide complete Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate gland; these pills supplement anti-oxidants, increase level of testosterone hormone, supplement nutrients and maintain regular supply of nutrition treat enlarged gland and to protect it from trouble in future as well. Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate prevents surgical removal of gland and protects health even at later age. These improve potency and urinary system functions, and also keep a male fertile and active in bed.

Buy Prostocure Ayurvedic Herbal Prostate Supplements and improve prostate health naturally.

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