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Causes Of Low Semen Volume, Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes Of Low Semen Volume, Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes Of Low Semen Volume

Low semen volume is sign of weak and sluggish reproductive system. It reduces chances of male becoming father and also threats to raise problem of low libido. Low semen volume wipes off male’s pleasure during climax, as it gets over within seconds and takes away male’s interest from lovemaking. Involuntary loss of semen is one of the major causes of low semen volume. Males lose semen with urine due to congested prostate gland. Seminal fluids get accumulated around prostate gland and dribble out with urine or when pressure is applied over groin region to reduce volume of semen. Weak nerves allow semen to pass out during sleep and on slight excitement to reduce its volume.

Prostate gland can get inflamed and enlarged due to various reasons. Ageing, hand-practice, infections and unhealthy lifestyle can irritate this gland and cause enlargement or swelling. Irritated prostate gland does not produce seminal fluids in higher volume, which reduces overall volume of semen. Seminal fluids form 98% volume of semen and their lesser quantity is one of the major causes of low semen volume. Males in habit of hand-practice lose semen on regular basis, which causes thinning of semen, irritated or congested prostate gland and low testosterone levels all these are prominent causes of low semen volume.

Males can suffer with low level of testosterone due to other reasons as well apart from hand-practice. Imbalanced hormonal secretion, poor testicular functions, poor diet and lifestyle and consumption of harmful foods and medicines, all are major reasons behind low testosterone. When male has low level of this hormone, he suffers with weak reproductive system. Weak and sluggish reproductive system causes lesser production of sperms and seminal fluids and works as one of the serious causes of low semen volume. Apart from reducing semen volume, low testosterone levels can raise numerous other disorders and deteriorate male’s potency and virility.

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Poor liver functions and higher toxicity in blood are also some causes of low semen volume. Liver is responsible for producing zinc. It is vital mineral which keeps blood vessels clear and blood flow smooth. Males suffering toxic or sick liver face deficiency of zinc, which reduces flow of blood and deteriorate health of reproductive organs. Toxins damage reproductive organs and cause low volume of semen. Free-radicals speed-up process of ageing, growing weakness in body and reproductive system due to free-radical damage are also major causes of low semen volume. Males suffering with issues like frequent wet dreams also have lower volume of semen due to its regular loss.

Herbal Treatment To Increase Semen Volume

Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules provide fast and effective ayurvedic treatment for low semen volume. These supplements possess herbs which energize nerves and keep them active and strong. Healthy nerves keep semen locked during normal state and prevent all sorts of involuntary ejaculation. This low semen volume herbal treatment eliminate weaknesses caused by poor diet, medication and disorders and re-energize nerves to prevent loss of semen. This benefit also cures problem of premature ejaculation in males. Ayurvedic treatment for low semen volume possesses herbs which clear congestion in prostate gland. These reverse ill-effects of hand-practice and arousal without ejaculation to keep prostate gland free from fluid build-up and improve its functions to increase volume of semen.

Some of the herbs in this low semen volume herbal treatment are anti-inflammatory and diffuse swelling of prostate to improve its functions and volume of seminal fluids. Ayurvedic treatment for low semen volume supplements anti-bacterial herbs and treat prostatitis of all types. This low semen volume herbal treatment improves immune system functions to protect organs of male reproductive system from infectious agents and toxins. Males in habit of alcohol consumption, smoking, tobacco use accumulate toxins and suffer with disorders. Males taking OTC medicines for sleep disorders, constipation and acidity, etc., also have higher level of toxins. Treatment for hypertension and diabetes, etc., also causes side effects in long run. Ayurvedic treatment for low semen volume protect and reverse ill-effects of all these to provide quick relief.

Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules to Increase Semen Volume

Low semen volume herbal treatment improves male’s mental health and helps in quitting habits of masturbation and unnecessary erotic stimulation. Males leading healthy lifestyle and practicing normal sexual behavior stay away from disorders like low semen volume and low sperm count, etc. This ayurvedic treatment for low semen volume improves a male’s vitality as well. It removes deficiencies of nutrients and supplement important minerals in bio-available form. These possess herbs, which remove blockages in urinary canal, sperm canals and blood vessels and also fight back obesity by promoting healthy fat metabolism. These also cleanse liver and kidneys to keep blood free from toxins and supplement antioxidants to slow down process of ageing. Low semen volume herbal treatment is completely safe for male of any age and can be taken without any medical prescription. Along with fast and reliable treatment for low semen volume, this cures disorders like PE, ED and low libido too effectively.

Buy Herbal Remedies to Increase Semen Volume and Sperm Production.

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