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Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Kidney Function

Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Kidney Function

Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Kidney Function

Kidneys are filters of body which remove impurities from blood and gather minerals which can be reabsorbed and utilized by the body. The blood supplied to kidneys passes through tubules where filtering takes place, kidneys also remove excess water in blood and combine waste matter and excess fluid to form urine and flush it out of the system. The minerals which can be reabsorbed are mixed back into the blood.

Higher presence of substances like toxins, chemicals and other kinds of impurities, lesser amount of fluids or water in blood, and presence of minerals in higher amount like calcium, phosphorous, sodium etc. slow down kidney functions.

Once kidneys are not performing at their optimum level minerals begin to get deposited in the form of precipitate and block tubules. Blockages give rise to toxin build-up which further slowdown kidney functions and even increase chances of stone formation.

Toxic kidneys are serious threat to health, if not treated these can even become life-threatening too, Ayurvedic medicines to improve kidney function are excellent, natural and safe ways to protect health by treating toxicity in these organs.

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Ayurvedic Remedies to Detox Kidney Naturally

Ayurvedic medicines to improve kidney function possess herbs which remove precipitate of minerals blocking tubules of kidneys to enhance their functions. Herbal remedies lower presence of toxins in blood and also eliminate acids in digestive system which affect health of these organs negatively.

Some of the herbs used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines to improve kidney function are stone-breakers, these reduce bondage between crystals of minerals and disintegrate stone into fine pieces to flush them out with urine, these possess diuretic herbs which increase urine output and help kidneys to eliminate mineral precipitate, toxins and pieces of stone out easily and stay healthy and clear.

Ayurvedic medicines to improve kidney function repair damages caused to these organs by toxins and excessive mineral presence in blood, these also reverse weaknesses caused by ageing and frequent dehydration, and eliminate ill-effects of harmful foods and drinks like alcohol.


This herb is powerful anti-ageing and improves health and functions of entire urinary system. It improves functions of bladder, clear urinary canal, eliminate toxins from kidneys and lower acid and mineral presence in blood. It is diuretic and immunity enhancer which work as powerful Ayurvedic medicine to improve kidney functions.


Ambahaldi Remedy to Remove Kidney Stones

This herb is disinfectant, diuretic and powerful anti-toxin. It also diffuses swellings in internal organs, urinary canal and kidneys. It lowers toxin presence and helps in eliminating these out of system.

Pather Chur

This herb increases urine output and is powerful anti-inflammatory. Another major property of this herb is its ability to control bladder functions. It prevents excessive or weak contractions to cure problems like frequent urination, low urine output, incontinence, incomplete evacuation, slow urine flow and delayed start of urine flow. This too is one of the popular Ayurvedic medicines to improve kidney function.


Kulthi Natural Treatment for Kidney Problems
This is renowned as stone-breaker as it disintegrates stone into pieces and helps in flushing out of kidneys to remove stones. It is anti-inflammatory and prevents infections and other complications as well.


It is powerful remedy to improve liver functions and anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin and immunity enhancer. It is particularly efficacious in treating and prevents UTI and bladder infections.


Sonf Remedy to Improve Kidney Functions

This is digestive and prevents formation of acids which speed-up formation of mineral precipitate on kidneys and stone formation. It also improves defecation of waste matter to lower toxins in blood and is diuretic.


This herb is pain-reliever and analgesic and supplements powerful antioxidants. It lowers level of sugar and cholesterol in blood which are extremely harmful for kidneys and slows down their functions. It is anti-microbial in nature and enhances immunity.

UT Clear Capsules

UT Clear capsules are excellent Ayurvedic remedies for kidney cleansing. These possess all the above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies to improve kidney functions and many more to provide holistic treatment.

UT Clear capsules lower presence of toxins in blood and also nullifies acids like oxalic and uric acid which bind crystals of minerals and cause blockages in kidney tubules to slow down their functions and promote toxicity. Ayurvedic remedies to improve kidney functions also increase urine output so that impurities filtered from blood can be passed out completely and regularly to prevent toxicity.

Ayurvedic remedies for kidney cleansing supply nutrition and antioxidants to reverse ill-effects of ageing. These also heal damages caused by toxins and harmful substances due to harmful diet and lesser water intake. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems works for people of all ages.

It also treats other causes of the problem like poor liver functions and presence of health conditions which harm kidney health and slowdown their functions. UT Clear capsules provide Ayurvedic treatment for kidney problems clear stones painlessly and without surgeries. These improve kidney functions so that person remains free from stone problem in future as well.

Buy Kid Clear Ayurvedic Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment to detoxify kidneys naturally.

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