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Ayurvedic Medicines for Over Masturbation Effects

Ayurvedic Medicines for Over Masturbation Effects

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Over Masturbation Effects

Masturbation is unnatural way to gain pleasure but it has been practiced since time immemorial by males. Young boys find it easy way to calm down burning lust for mating. But ease and convenience, and almost similar pleasure like lovemaking are few factors which make this practice highly addictive.

If one keeps frequency of hand-practice within body’s endurance limit these are not so bad but once frequency crosses limits which body can endure side effects of hand-practice can be damaging to male’s potency and vitality. Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects are highly beneficial for recovering from debilities caused by the habit.

Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects not only provide recovery from side effects of habit but these make a male much potent and virile to improve his performance in bed and compound his physical and mental health. Due to excessive hand practice males suffer with problems like poor quality of erections, early discharge, low semen volume and poor vitality.

Hand-practice also causes inflammation, congestion or enlargement of prostate gland and creates blockages in urinary canal. This disturbs hormonal balance, strains liver and raises toxicity in body. Males also face irritability, poor focus and weak memory due to excessive hand-practice.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Sexual Weakness

Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects bring back healthy hormonal balance, increase level of testosterone hormone, remove deficiencies, increase rate of energy producing reactions and reenergize sluggish, weak and damaged organs. Ayurvedic medicines stimulate, repair and strengthen nerves to promote intense arousals and prevent early discharge.

These also stimulate testicular functions and supply energy and nutrition to cells of genital region. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects clear prostate from congestion, diffuses inflammation, and bring it back to its normal size. Males in a short duration gain improved vitality and virility and amazing abilities to make intense love in bed.


It improves hormonal balance which is beneficial for healthy metabolism, absorption of nutrients, energy production and energizes entire male reproductive system. This herb treats irritability, sleeplessness, anxiety and other psychological problems and removes deficiencies. It is aphrodisiac in nature and immunity enhancer as well and works as one of the useful Ayurvedic herbal medicines for over masturbation effects.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli Remedy to Cure Masturbation Effects

This herb is nutritive and aphrodisiac, nervine tonic and rejuvenator, it is used as one of the reliable Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects due to its properties to improve vitality and potency of a male.


This herb increases sperm count, promotes healthy prostate functions and increase quantity and quality of semen. It is aphrodisiac and improves performance of male reproductive system. It is anti-inflammatory, promotes energy, improves hormonal secretion and maintains healthy testicular functions. This is one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicines for over masturbation effects.


Shatavari to Treat Over Masturbation Effects

This herb has unique property to enhance flow of blood towards reproductive organs which makes it useful remedy for rejuvenating male and female reproductive system. It revitalizes organs and provides higher support to all the systems for sound physical health.

Semal Musli

Like other herbs of Musli family this herb too is nutritive, energizer and aphrodisiac. It is very effective in treating disorders related to nervous system and repair damaged nerves. It provides calm and relaxed mind and treat issues like nervousness and anxiety etc.

Safed Behman

Safed Behman Treatment for Over Masturbation

It increases male libido and work as very beneficial tonic for nerves and cardiac system. It also improves testosterone hormones levels and rejuvenates male reproductive system.

Siddha Makardhwaj

This herb supplements active and powerful antioxidants, delay process of ageing, supplement nutrients and curb free-radical damage. It is digestive too and improve metabolic rate to boost-up vitality of a male.

No Fall, Maha Rasayan Capsules and King Cobra Oil

No Fall capsules are most trusted Ayurvedic remedies for sexual weakness. These possess all the herbs mentioned above and few more to eradicate weaknesses, repair damages and correct disorders inflicted by bad habit of excessive hand-practice. Males in short duration of use gain sound health and higher potency to lead a pleasurable love-life.

Use of No Fall capsules along with Maha Rasayan capsules make it complete Ayurvedic treatment for over masturbation effects. Maha Rasayan capsules improve male’s physical and mental health to maintain good effects of No Fall capsules for longer period in life.

Massages with King Cobra oil along with use of Maha Rasayan and No Fall capsules make it even faster Ayurvedic treatment for over masturbation effects. King Cobra oil too possesses Ayurvedic remedies for sexual weakness and provides results right from day one which keep on improving every day. This oil promotes powerful erection, longer staying power and provides a male ability to gain bigger erections.

Males can see considerable improvement in their size of erection and also gain ability to achieve back to back erections. Collectively No Fall, Maha Rasayan pills and King Cobra oil provide a male renewed vitality, virility and amazing lovemaking abilities and eliminate debilities caused by excessive hand practice.

Buy No Fall, Maha Rasayan Capsules and King Cobra Oil to overcome from weakness naturally.

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