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Causes Of Leucorrhoea And Herbal Treatment For Vaginal Discharge

Causes Of Leucorrhoea And Herbal Treatment For Vaginal Discharge

Major Causes Of Leucorrhoea

Genital passage of women is moist and warm, which is very suitable place for fungi and bacteria to grow. If these microbes find a way into female’s intimate passage, these can grow very fast and affect reproductive and urinary organs of female. Body of a woman keeps this place moist and wet, so that it maintains healthy pH balance which prevents fungi and bacteria from surviving and protect health. But once any microbe finds a way into female’s genital passage and begins to breed body releases fluid in excessive quantity to flush it out. Frequent infections can cause frequent episodes of excessive discharge, which is reckoned as leucorrhoea or white vaginal discharge. If this discharge is not treated, it can turn smelly and produces repelling pungent smell.

Bacterial and fungal infections are major causes of leucorrhoea. Frequent episodes of dryness also trigger white discharge. Women suffering with hormonal problems have dryness in their passage. Body recovers from dryness by triggering release of fluids in excessive amount, which brings frequent episodes of white discharge. Hormonal problems are common causes of leucorrhoea and other kinds of vaginal problems. Use of birth control pills, IUD and sedatives are other causes of leucorrhoea. Poorly fitting IUD can cause strain over walls of genital passage and bring excessive discharge, whereas sedatives and birth control pills alter hormonal levels, which can cause white discharge as side effect. Women suffering with menstrual irregularities are also common victims of leucorrhoea. Menstrual irregularities can occur due to hormonal imbalances or due to weakness in reproductive system both of these are common causes of leucorrhoea.

Women using scented tampons or toilet paper or using deodorants, perfumes and talcum powder, etc., in undergarments or close to vagina also face white vaginal discharge. These perfumes and powders cause dryness temporarily to overcome the dryness body secretes more fluid in passage which can cause leucorrhoea. These are popular causes of leucorrhoea in women of all ages. Long sitting hours, obesity and diseases such PID restrict flow of blood towards pelvic region. Lesser supply of blood reduces reach of immune system and also depletes nutrition to cells and tissues. Lesser blood flow also makes mucous glands inactive and causes dryness in genital passage to bring excessive discharge. Traces of detergent in undergarments, too much douching and use of harsh liquid soaps for tub-baths also cause dryness and lead to excessive white vaginal discharge. Poor hygiene and allergies caused by condoms or other kinds or material used in condoms, tampons and pads also bring frequent white discharge.

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Ayurvedic Medicines for Leucorrhoea

Ayurvedic Treatment For Vaginal Discharge

Gynex capsules provide fast and complete herbal treatment for vaginal discharge. These pills come loaded with herbs, which handle all the possible causes of leucorrhoea and provide protection from external factors, which trigger the problem. Ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea provides long-lasting relief and numerous other health benefits. Herbal treatment for vaginal discharge maintains hormonal balance and suppresses harmful hormones present in blood. This ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea maintain healthy level of estrogen and progesterone in proper balance and promote release of other health-promoting hormones to maintain health of entire female reproductive system.

Ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea also maintains flow of blood within female reproductive system and supplies more nutrition and oxygen to cells to maintain health of tissues and keep mucous glands active and healthy. These pills maintain healthy moisture in female’s genital passage and prevent it from getting dry to avoid excessive discharge. These pills help in maintaining healthy pH balance to prevent growth of bacteria and fungi, which cause white discharge. Some of the herbs used in this ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea are immunity enhancers and fight back bacterial and fungal infections. These prevent UTI and also protect genital passage from microbial growth to prevent instances of white discharge.

Gynex Capsules Herbal Remedies for leucorrhoea

Herbal treatment for vaginal discharge also curbs effects of other stressors like IUD, sedatives, scented tampons and entry of harsh substances through tub baths or undergarments. These prevent episodes of dryness caused by these stressors, which prevents release of fluids in excessive amount. Hormone balancing herbs used in this ayurvedic treatment for leucorrhoea prevent fluctuations and changes in hormonal levels caused by sedatives, sleeplessness or stress, etc. Herbal treatment for vagina discharge also takes care of health of women by keeping her mind calm and relaxed. These help woman in gaining sound sleep and also enhance her physical energy levels to stay active and energized.

Exhaustion during the day can cause scarcity of nutrients and also promote release of hormones, which can affect healthy hormones later. This condition can create temporary hormonal changes, which affect female’s health negatively and hinder sleeping and eating pattern. By suppressing exhaustion and fatigue this white discharge treatment protects a female’s physical and mental health and keeps her upbeat and active. These are extremely beneficial for menopausal women who face frequent episodes of white discharge due to poor health, immunity and changing hormonal levels.

Buy Herbal Treatment For Leucorrhoea to Treat Vaginal Discharge Naturally.

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