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Causes Of Dhat, Semen Leakage Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes Of Dhat, Semen Leakage Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes Of Dhat

Dhat signifies exhausted reproductive system. It is characterized by burning sensation during urination, thinning of urine stream, whitish discharge after urination and incomplete urination. When seminal fluids or semen comes along with urine on almost regular basis, it is identified as problem of Dhat. Due to this problem male loses semen on regular basis, which keeps his reproductive system in regular work and stresses it out. It also creates severe deficiencies and malfunctions, which can show-up as signs of impotency. There are numerous causes of dhat. Prostate problems are most common causes of dhat. Males who are habitual of hand-practice are easy victims of this problem.

Regular and frequent hand-practice causes fluid build-up around prostate gland and slows down its functions. If this fluid gets infected by bacteria, it can cause prostatitis which causes inflammation of gland and is hazardous for health and potency. Fluid build-up around prostate gland allows seminal fluids to pass out with urine, when person applies pressure to evacuate last drops of urine. These fluids also come out, when person sits as while sitting person presses prostate gland. Inflammation in prostate gland constricts urinary canal and prevents complete ejaculation. The part of semen left in urethra later comes out with urine. This condition is called as retrograde ejaculation and is one of the popular causes of dhat.

Weaknesses in nerves are other major causes of dhat, which prevent a male from controlling his discharge and allow semen to dribble out with urine. Males suffering with weak nerves on slight arousal pass their seminal fluids or semen, which gets accumulated in urethra. This accumulated semen later passes out with urine. The build-up of semen and seminal fluids in urethra due to weak nerves causes delayed start in urine stream. Males need to push hard to begin urination and also face common symptoms of the problem like burning or pain during urination.

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Health issues like diabetes and long term use of medicines like diuretics, sedatives and corticosteroids, etc., are common causes of nerve weaknesses. Males also suffer with damaged nerves due to excessive hand-practice and suffer with semen leakage with urine. Lethargic lifestyle, alcoholism, smoking, tobacco use and drugs, etc., are also well-known causes of weak nerves, which are also popular causes of dhat. Excessive coition too is straining and can bring episodes of semen leakage with urine in many males.

Herbal Treatment for Semen Leakage With Urine

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are highly effective ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage. These pills possess herbs, which re-energize nerves of male genital region. This herbal treatment for dhat removes weaknesses and repair damages caused to nerves by different reasons. It can handle and treat side effects of excessive hand-practice or coition and repair nerves and tissues to prevent semen leakage and involuntary discharge. This ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage also protect nerves from harmful effects of health issues like diabetes, hypertension and liver toxicity, etc., and maintain healthy nerve functions. Males taking medication for disorders like hypertension or consuming diuretics, etc., face weakness in nerves and urinary problems.

Herbal treatment for dhat possesses ingredients, which reverse weaknesses inflicted by medicines too effectively. Ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage supplement nutrients, which are required by the body to maintain flow of blood and supply nutrition and also improve overall nervous system of male body. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules rejuvenate male reproductive system, elevate level of testosterone hormone and dilate blood vessels for regular supply of energy to nerves and organs of male genital region. These benefits not only provide herbal treatment for dhat, but also prevent the problem from surging in future.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan Capsules

Ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage handles prostate problems too very well. It clears fluid build-up and stop dribbling of seminal fluids and semen in urethra or out of male’s penis while sitting or on slight arousals. Ayurvedic treatment for semen leakage possesses herbs, which are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. These herbs diffuse swelling and flush infection out to promote normal prostate functions. BPH is caused due to growing age, which causes retrograde ejaculation in ageing individuals and in weak adult males. Herbal treatment for dhat shrinks prostate gland back to its normal size to provide relief and prevent semen leakage with urine.

The overall benefits of herbal treatment for dhat improve muscular energy and allow smooth and forceful ejaculation of semen. It clears urinary canal and prevent build-up of fluid around prostate and also prevent accumulation of semen in urethra to allow smooth flow of urine and treat semen leakage problem. Some of the herbs present in these pills are nutritive and promote optimum vitality in male to eliminate even the side effects of the problem. These herbal supplements cure problems like low libido, ED and low semen volume, which are surge-up due to semen leakage problem to make a male capable lover in bed and improve his potency.

Buy Ayurvedic Treatment for Dhat to Stop Semen Discharge With Urine.

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