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Ayurvedic Medicines to Increase Ejaculation Time

Ayurvedic Medicines to Increase Ejaculation Time

Ayurvedic Medicines to Increase Ejaculation Time

Males discharging early are actually running low on stamina. Males need higher stamina in their body and energized reproductive system in order to make love for longer duration and discharge at their own will. Most of the males are not satisfied with their duration and want to increase their duration of lovemaking while many males actually suffer with problem of premature ejaculation and repeatedly discharge much before satisfying their female partner.

This problem needs immediate treatment as it wipes-off fun and pleasure of lovemaking and hurts a male’s self-esteem. Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time are extremely beneficial remedies to gain higher stamina and ability to discharge at own will.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time increase stamina and energy in male body, and remove debilities from male reproductive system to increase ejaculation time. These energize nerves and maintain regular flow of energy to keep them active and strong, active nerves provide higher sensation and promote intense arousals and also keep semen locked for longer duration. Energized nerves allow a male to make love for longer duration by controlling his discharge and regain another erection to make love in multiple sessions.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Increase Sex Duration

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time cure problems like low testosterone levels which makes reproductive system weak and nerves sluggish and slow. These supplements minerals and keep blood vessels healthy and free from blockages. These benefits energize male reproductive system, remove debilities, and strengthen male organ.

Males running low on physical stamina cannot keep their reproductive system and nerves energized and active. Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time take care of this aspect of the problem as well and boost-up male’s physical energy. These enhance stamina and strength and compound male’s vitality.

Males suffering with psychological issues have poor hormonal balance and cannot focus on the act. Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time provide a male sharper and focussed mind to gain arousals and erections and perform for longer duration with intensity and enthusiasm. These increase semen volume and produce healthy and motile sperms in higher number. Ayurvedic herbal medicines to increase ejaculation time enhance a male’s vitality, virility and potency as well.


This herb increases physical and sexual stamina simultaneously. It is extremely nutritive and aphrodisiac, it improves nerve functions, elevates level of testosterone, increases sperm count, promote healthy prostate functions and increase a male’s libido. It enhance energy levels, provide higher stamina, sound mental health and higher strength to a male to cure problem of PE. This is most effective Ayurvedic medicine to increase ejaculation time.


This is potent hormonal balancer, nutritive, aphrodisiac, anti-ageing and energy enhancer herb. It treats psychological issues, bust stress, cures lethargy and removes weaknesses in the body.

Lauh Bhasma

Lauh Bhasma to Increase Male's Libido

Males running low on iron become weak and have poor vitality. This herb supplements iron in bio-available form and increase blood’s nutrient carrying capacities, it males muscles and bones stronger and enhance endurance of organs. It is great for improving mental health of a person as well.

Safed Musli

This herb is aphrodisiac and nutritive in nature. It promotes higher energy and also removes debilities from reproductive system. It keeps nerves energized and strengthens male genital organs, and increases male’s libido and potency.


Dalchini Remedy to Increase Ejaculation Time

It is commonly used kitchen ingredient which is natural aphrodisiac and hormonal balancer. It helps in curbing toxins in blood and elevates level of healthy hormones. It is stress buster and energizes body.


This herb works as tonic for nerves, it is nerve relaxant and also energizer and improves their functions. It treats problem of PE, nervousness, restlessness and insomnia. It also promotes blood flow and supplements wide range of minerals and compounds to increase energy levels. It is aphrodisiac in nature and increases a male’s drive for lovemaking.


Jaiphal Remedy to Increase Sexual Stamina

It is vitality enhancer and improves immune system functions. It speeds-up metabolism and curbs presence of toxins and harmful agents in digestive tract. This herb has strong properties to open-up congestions and improves respiratory system.

Masti Capsules

Masti capsules possess all the above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies to increase sex duration. These possess many other herbs which collectively increase male’s libido, physical energy, performance of reproductive system and potency to allow a male to make intense love for longer duration.

These Ayurvedic remedies to increase sex duration promote strong erections and increase male’s fertility by increasing quantity and quality of semen. Ayurvedic remedies for premature ejaculation improve male’s mental health and also keep him potent and virile for longer period in life.

King Cobra Oil

Topical application of King Cobra oil along with Masti capsules makes it far better treatment. King Cobra oil too possesses highly potent Ayurvedic remedies for premature ejaculation and these increase effects of Ayurvedic last longer capsules to bring faster results. Regular use of King Cobra oil increase male’s sensation, promote intense arousals and provide longer duration of lovemaking.

This oil increases size of erections and promotes back to back erection to make a male intense lover in bed. Ayurvedic last longer capsules and oil provide a male age-defying virility and potency and unparalleled abilities to satisfy a woman.

Buy Masti Capsules and King Cobra Oil to last longer in bed naturally.

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