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Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink

Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink

Natural Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink

Electrolyte drinks are energy drinks as these provide quick burst of energy and reenergize exhausted muscles and tissues. These re-hydrate body and prevent cramps other kinds of stuff from occurring after or during physically straining session. Electrolytes are crucial for cellular functions, these provide the spark which cells need, in other words the electric impulse, dehydration due to excessive sweating or low water intake can disturb electrolyte balance and if not handled can cause rapid cell death. Calcium, sodium, potassium, hydrogen phosphate, magnesium chloride and hydrogen carbonate are electrolytes which body needs for muscular and cellular functions.

If these are too less or too diluted body can face severe consequences. Electrolyte energy drinks are rejuvenating and at times life-saving drinks. Here are few easy recipes to make energy drinks at home. These homemade electrolyte energy drinks are highly beneficial, pure and save you from spending plush sum of money over hyped brands.

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Homemade Electrolyte Energy Drink to Prevent Dehydration

Watermelon and Coconut Energy Drink

Natural Homemade Energy Drink

Watermelon and coconut energy drink is very special when comes to recovering from tough workout or longer dehydration due to walking or working in Sun. Add 2 cups each of both watermelon pieces and coconut water, one-fourth teaspoons of celiac sea salt, honey is optional and few ice cubes to chill. Make sure to get a full glass of drink for instant relaxation from muscle soreness, pain and cramps and faster energy supplementation. Cranberry is also wonderful ingredient to make energy drink at home. It is high in vitamin C which nourishes dehydrated tissues and is also a powerful antioxidant. Add cranberry syrup or fresh juice with maple syrup or honey to dilute its tangy taste. Drink one full glass of it for instant recovery and mineral supplementation.

Lemons and Oranges Juice

All types of citrus fruits are excellent sources of electrolytes. Lemons and oranges are the most common and best sources which make them commonly used ingredients to make energy drinks at home. Take one-fourth cup of lemon and lime juice each, put these in a blender, add one and half cup of water if you want a strong flavor or 2 cups of water, toss in few ice cubes and add one-eight teaspoon of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of honey. Blend the ingredients for few minutes till ice and honey both get dissolved. Pour it in a glass and drink to get easy homemade electrolyte energy drink.

You can try this recipe with another good source of electrolyte, orange. Just add half cup of orange juice in place of lime juice and let entire recipe remain same, follow same process to blend and drink one full glass of this drink to keep body energized and hydrated.

Coconut Water, Lemon Juice and Honey

Homemade Energy Drink

Coconut water is excellent natural electrolyte drink. One glass of coconut water can supplement big dose of not only electrolyte but variety of minerals which body loses when muscles are strained and sweat flows out. It is popularly used as ingredient for homemade electrolyte energy drink. Add 3 cups of coconut water preferably fresh with one cup each of lemon juice and strawberries. All of these are wonderful ingredients for sweet energy drink. Add one-eight teaspoon of sea salt, two tablespoons of honey with few ice cubes and blend for few minutes. Drink this chilled for instant energy and hydration.

One can suffer with low electrolytes due to other reasons as well. Popularly people believe that strenuous activities and dehydration are the causes of low electrolyte in body but depletion of minerals in soil can deplete level of trace minerals in diet which over a period of time can cause scarcity of vital minerals and electrolyte imbalance. Homemade electrolyte energy drinks are not only instant sources of energy but also work as health saviors by filling-in for poor mineral supplementation through food sources. These drinks are extremely beneficial for people with issue of low blood pressure. These drinks maintain fluid level in blood and prevent it from becoming thicker.

Thickness in blood is side effect of many debilitating health conditions. Pregnant woman need extra dose of electrolyte and minerals, one can make any of these energy drinks at home to fulfil the requirements and prevent nausea, weakness, fatigue etc., from occurring which are frequent during pregnancy.

Ginger, lemon and Orange Juice

Homemade Natural Electrolyte Drink

Ginger is full of nutrition which is excellent for replenishing lost minerals and electrolytes; it improves cellular functions and is effective reliever of muscle soreness. One should prepare ginger water by boiling grated ginger with water and later strain and store the water after cooling. Use this water with lemon or orange juice in equal parts, do not add water, add honey for taste, and one-eight teaspoon of sea salt. Blend with few ice cubes and drink a glass of it one or few times. Ginger is excellent for metabolism too so not only useful for sportsperson and active people but for elderly, pregnant women, children and all.

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