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Causes of Constipation and Herbal Constipation Treatment

Causes of Constipation and Herbal Constipation Treatment

Major Causes of Constipation

Constipation is a condition which makes stools hard to pass and people often relate irregularity in bowel movements as constipation. Actually, constipation is diagnosed when a person has rough stools and he needs to apply lots of pressure to make them pass. Any person experiencing this condition even if he or she has regular bowel movements is a patient of constipation.

Occasional occurrence of constipation is not anything to worry about but if it occurs frequently or stays for longer duration then one needs to take proper treatment for it. Generally eating at improper timings and eating foods which are complex and hard to digest are the major causes of constipation. Slowness in digestion due to poor digestive system, bloating, flatulence, etc., are also the commonly found causes of constipation.

People eating protein rich diet or fatty foods suffer with slow digestion or release of excessive acids and gas during digestion to suffer with constipation. Today, intake of junk foods, processed and refined foods are the primary causes of constipation. Over supplementation of vitamins or iron are the other popular causes of constipation. People are becoming fond of energy and health supplements as these fill-in nutritional gaps and are easy to use.

But one needs to keep a keen eye over the level of supplementation these drinks are providing as over supplementation of vitamins and iron harms liver and slows down its functions to deteriorate fat and sugar metabolism and also increases presence of toxins in blood. Poor or slow fat, sugar and protein metabolism and higher toxin presence are the major causes of constipation.

Eating in hurry, lesser water intake, taking too much tea and coffee and drinking beverages far too many in the day are other causes of constipation. These slow down digestion and make stools pass through colon slowly which makes them rough and dry and eventually hard to pass. Too much spicy foods, greasy foods and overeating can also cause slowness in digestion and constipation.

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Poor enzyme secretion can slow down digestion and can cause constipation in person of any age. Enzymes and digestive fluids are secreted first in mouth when a person chews and swallows the foods down, and in digestive system, lesser enzymes or inactive enzymes are unable to breakdown food items quickly and thus make stools rough and hard to pass. Poor enzymatic activities can also cause acidity, bloating, lesser appetite and flatulence.

People leading lethargic lifestyle, or in sitting jobs which minimize their physical activities also suffer with slow digestion and constipation. Food intolerance and allergies are also responsible for causing chronic constipation. Certain types of medicines like NSAIDs, steroids, diuretics, etc., also cause hard to pass stools by creating scarcity of water in digestive system and hindering activities of enzymes.

Toxicity in colon caused by any reason can slow down its functions and contractions. Poor colon functions are one of the major causes of this problem. Slow colon functions absorb all the water from stools and make them rough to cause constipation and promote toxicity which further slowdown digestion.

Ayurvedic Herbal Constipation Treatment

Arozyme capsules provide the best herbal constipation treatment which relieves condition of hard to pass stools. These pills come loaded with herbs which increase enzymatic activities and release them in healthy amount to breakdown complex food items and digest foods completely and quickly. Fast digestion improves energy production and nutrient supplementation and also maintains bowel movements regular and smooth. Some of the herbs present in this Ayurvedic treatment for hard stools cleanse liver and improve its functions.

Liver keeps blood purified and also helps in breaking down fat and metabolizing protein and sugar to improve digestion. Ayurvedic treatment for hard stools removes toxins from blood which affect digestion negatively and also slows down colon functions by increasing toxicity. By keeping digestion and colon functions healthy, this herbal constipation treatment provides fast and long-lasting results. Ayurvedic treatment for hard stools by Arozyme capsules maintain colon functions healthy and prevent toxin presence in colon and keep it strong to allow stools to pass through quickly.

When colon allows quick passage to stools, these remain soft and easy to pass to cure constipation. Some of the herbs present in this herbal constipation treatment are laxative in nature. These herbs naturally improve softness of stools and improve intestinal functions for their smooth passage. These herbs clear accumulation of waste matter in digestive tract and bladder and also flush out toxins to improve digestion, cleanse colon and treat constipation quickly.

Arozyme Capsules

Ayurvedic treatment for hard stools supplements anti-toxin herbs and anti-microbial herbs as well. Contaminated water and foods can promote growth of harmful bacteria which slows down digestion and causes build-up of acids and chemicals and release of excessive gas. These conditions cause bloating, flatulence, acidity, heartburn, etc., and also lead to constipation.

By eliminating toxins and harmful bacteria from guts and stomach, this Ayurvedic treatment for hard stools provides smooth and regular bowel movement. This herbal constipation treatment increases liver functions and promotes production of bile in healthy volume which is vital for metabolizing fat and other complex food items quickly without causing gas and acid formation. Healthy bile secretion promoted by Arozyme herbal constipation treatment is very beneficial for suppressing problem of constipation in future as well.

Buy Arozyme Ayurvedic Hard Stool Treatment to Get Relief from Constipation.

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