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Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea Recipe

Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea Recipe

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Herb

Lemongrass is herb which is highly beneficial for health. Its tea is immensely beneficial for health and can be used as health drink by people of all ages. Lemongrass is also called as fevergrass, its lemony flavour and smell has earned its name lemongrass. This herb in old days was used to bring down fever as its ingestion stimulates perspiration and brings down fever by reducing body temperature.

It is efficient diuretic that is why it is recommended to people suffering with blood pressure or prone to suffer with it. It is carminative and stimulant which makes it very useful aid to maintain digestion and immune system. Lemongrass is powerful analgesic. It relieves pain and its anti-inflammatory properties help in healing internal injuries and wounds faster. It is recommended to women for treating menstrual cramps since old times.

Lemongrass has properties which are the most suitable for modern times. It is powerful and safe anti-stress herb. Use of this herb on regular basis promotes sound sleep by bringing healthy sleeping cycle naturally. It is also efficient anti-depressant and handles anxiety in men and women as well. It keeps mind relaxed and calm to improve working efficiency, focus and improve quality of life.

Use of this herb is excellent for elderly people as it is effective immunity enhancer, suppresses psychological problems, treats insomnia, relieves stress and removes pain and internal swellings. It is anti-spasmodic and anti-microbial as well.

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Advantages of Drinking Lemongrass Tea

The major advantage of drinking lemongrass tea on regular basis is that one gets regular dose of its powerful and active antioxidants. It has anti-cancer properties and keeps cells and tissues protected from oxidative stress. This herb has powerful detoxifying properties.

Regular intake of lemongrass tea clears digestive system from toxins and also purifies blood. It is effective even against most stubborn toxins which get supplemented through contaminated or polluted water and foods containing traces of insecticides and pesticides.

It also improves fat metabolism and keeps cholesterol level under control. Ability to reduce level of harmful fat makes it heart-friendly drink. Its metabolic benefits prevent accumulation of uric acid in digestive system which makes it useful remedy for people suffering with arthritis due to higher uric acid level. It also relieves arthritic pain and inflammation and improves joint functions.

Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea with Ginger

Here we will describe a simple spiced lemongrass tea recipe using which you can get a regular cup of homemade spiced lemongrass tea for sound health. Plain cup of lemongrass tea also delivers the benefits which it promises but if it is combined with other spices with medicinal value like ginger, cloves etc., the quality and range of benefits get multiplied and one cup of homemade spiced lemongrass tea becomes a power-punch of health and nutrition.

Here we will describe spiced lemongrass tea recipe so that you get the best drink on regular basis. Ginger has benefits of its own which are varied and wonderful. It enhances metabolism and cleanses internal systems, it also balances hormonal secretion and improves rate of nutrient absorption.

Lemongrass tea with ginger is very high on nutritional benefits and improves health by eliminating hazardous and damaging compounds and toxins. Along with ginger this recipes also uses lemon juice as ingredients which is rich source of vitamin C. This vitamin is a type of antioxidant which rejuvenates health, protects from free-radical stress and enhances immunity.

Cinnamon is beneficial for diabetics. This spice lowers blood sugar levels and is recommended for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Along with ginger, lemongrass cinnamon multiplies fat burning properties of this cup of tea.

Cloves and cardamom are other ingredients of homemade spiced lemongrass tea which are renowned for their benefits which improve metabolism and treat problems like acidity, gas, bloating, indigestion, low appetite and bad breath. These spices too are heart-friendly. All the spices used in this recipe are favourable for sharper brain functions and better blood circulation in body.

Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea

Ingredients of Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea

  • Dried lemongrass
  • Piece of ginger
  • Two pieces of cloves
  • Small piece of cinnamon stick
  • Two cardamoms
  • Honey

Procedure to Make Spiced Lemongrass Tea at Home

  1. To get one cup of lemongrass tea add 2 cups of water to a bowl and put it to heat.
  2. Add two teaspoons of dried lemongrass to the water and let mixture become warm. Now take a peeled piece of ginger about an inch long and grate it.
  3. Add grated ginger to hot mixture and let the mixture boil for few minutes. Cover the bowl with a lid so that steam remains inside and nutrition is not lost.
  4. After 4 to 5 minutes lower the flame and remove the lid, add coarsely crushed two pieces of cloves, small piece of cinnamon stick and crushed pieces of two cardamoms, cover the lid again and wait for another few minutes. Now put off the flame and let the mixture simmer.
  5. Take out the lid when it is bearably warm and strain the mixture. Add some honey for taste to the strained liquid and consume when it is warm.

This spiced lemongrass tea recipe provides a cup of tea which is stack-full of nutrients and health promoting agents.

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