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DIY Homemade Natural Fat Burning Detox Smoothies

DIY Homemade Natural Fat Burning Detox Smoothies

Detoxification is a process which is carried out to eliminate and excrete accumulated toxins from organs like liver, kidneys and also from blood. Proper detoxification can even remove toxins which get absorbed in the tissues of the organ to rejuvenate health. Toxins is a name given to hazardous compounds, acids, metals and other chemicals etc. which are harmful to health and find their way into human system easily through contaminated water, foods and medicines etc. Certain types of foods and drinks like alcohol, fast-food, preserved varieties of certain foods etc. also supplement toxins. The toxins are sources of many disorders and diseases these also speed-up free-radical activities and facilitate their growth at rapid pace.

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Fat Burning Detox Smoothies For Body Detoxification

Detoxification is done either through medicines and diuretic intravenous fluids in presence of a medical expert or it can be done by eating right kind of foods and drinks. Latter method provides simpler way of detoxifying internal organs and body which can be done on regular basis to prevent disorders and need for deep detoxification at any stage. Here we have chosen and listed recipe of homemade natural fat burning detox smoothies. Higher toxicity in body speeds-up fat accumulation. People gain fat at rapid pace and particularly belly fat which is most straining and hazardous for health. Regular use of these help body in eliminating toxins and curb free-radical activities which improve circulatory system and metabolism to burn down excess fat and cleanse organs and blood.

Veggies and fruits are rich sources of antioxidants. These compounds are most effective to inhibit free-radical mechanism. Antioxidants nullify free-radicals without becoming free-radical themselves and protect cells from oxidative stress. These open-up blood vessels by removing constrictions to promote smooth flow of blood, which helps in circulating nutrition all over body and also in eliminating toxins. Inclusion of specific veggies and fruits, which along with antioxidants also possess properties to eradicate toxins out of system and increase nutritional uptake, forms a smoothie which detoxifies and also reduces fat deposition in the body.

Homemade Natural Fat Burning Detox Smoothies

Leafy Green Veggies – Natural Fat Burning Smoothies

Leafy Green Veggies Fat Burning Smoothies


  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Leafy Veggies
  • Celery
  • Fresh Mint
  • Water
  • lemon
  • Kiwifruit
  • Apple

To get a power-packed drink with super-charged antioxidants and anti-toxins you need to collect cucumber, spinach, other leafy veggies, celery, fresh mint, water, lemon, kiwifruit and apple. Take one-forth peeled cucumber, one tablespoon of chopped spinach, one tablespoon of chopped other leafy green veggies, half peeled avocado, 1 stalk of celery, 2 sprigs of fresh mint, 1 kiwifruit, 1 cup of purified water, half medium sized peeled apple and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Blend all the ingredients in a blender till these form a smooth drink. The nutritional value of this drink is very high and so are its fat-burning properties.

The ingredients are also sources of wonderful nutrients which are required by the body essentially but supplied only through balanced diet. Apart from all these benefits veggies used in this smoothie are rich in digestive enzymes. These metabolize fat faster and increase nutritional uptake, proper and complete nutrition maintain energy and also prevent accumulation of toxins in digestive system from where these get supplied to all the organs of the body through blood. Once in a day this natural fat burning detox smoothies reduce harmful fat present in body and also harmful belly fat. It keeps energy and vitality higher and protects organs from damages.

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Morning time is best for detoxification as stomach is free from any digestion tasks and is ready to receive first diet of the day. Even drinking plain water as first thing in the morning is much more beneficial than water intake in remaining part of the day when comes to cleansing internal system. Fruit juices work as excellent ways to detoxify and get energy and nutrition to keep metabolism upbeat all day long for faster fat removal. Take one orange and peel it off, deseed it as well, one scoop of soy protein powder vanilla flavour, one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a cup of purified water. Blend these ingredients in a blender and drink this as first thing in the morning. This drink will eliminate deposited toxins and other compounds which block and slowdown processes of body and also supply quick boost to energy. These enhance immune system as well and nullify harmful acids and chemicals leftover in digestive tract.

kale and Apple – Natural Fat Burning Detox Smoothies

Kale and Apple Fat Burning Smoothies

If you want very easy and simple natural fat burning detox smoothies, collect kale, apple and some coconut water. Cut off the ribs of kale leaves as these take long time to blend with ingredients and hardly possess any nutrition particularly if leaves are curled. Add all the ingredients in the blender and blend till you get a smooth paste. Consume this regularly. If you are an outdoor person this will keep you energized and it also speeds-up fat burning process in the body. Anti-toxin properties of all the ingredients are excellent for detoxification process and protect health from damaging effects of these. This smoothie gives dose of nutrition in bioavailable form and fill-in nutritional gaps too. Higher fluid level is helpful in cleansing liver and kidneys which eventually keep blood and digestive system free from toxins.

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