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Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Eyesight

Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Eyesight

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines to Improve Eyesight

Eyes are delicate organs which remain exposed to external environment all the time person is awake. These come in direct contact with dry, hot and cold air, water, dust and environmental pollutants. All these damage delicate lens and ocular surface of eyes and wipe-off moisture. Internal factors are no less debilitating for eyes. Consumption of foods which increase toxicity or raise level of acid and chemicals in blood are equally damaging for eyes.

Free-radicals block thin capillaries of eyes which supply nutrition to cells, tissues and organs and keep eye functions upbeat are other major causes of vision related problems. Growing age, excessive strain and lots of reading, writing or computer work speeds-up process of deterioration and harm vision in different ways.

Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight are natural and safe remedies to gain relief. People from different age-groups complain about poor night vision, poor near and far vision, colour perception, inability to focus, depleting vision and redness, swelling, itchiness and frequent infections in eyes. Watery eyes and dry eyes are other common complaints.

Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight provide relief from all these problems easily and safely. Many people suffer with serious problems like cataract, glaucoma, retinal problems, poor lens functions and weak muscles which deteriorate vision consistently. Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight are wonderful treatments to check progression of these problems and reverse them considerably.

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Ayurvedic Remedies to Improve Eye Vision

Poor nutrition is common cause of eye disorders in children and even in adults. Lack of vitamin A and other vitamins cause severe vision problems at any age.These cause disorders like beriberi which can completely block vision. Ayurvedic herbal medicines to improve eyesight handle nutritional problems and also suppress disorders to maintain and improve vision.

People suffering with disorders such as diabetes which is extremely hazardous for eyes suffer with poor vision, in such cases vision problem can occur rapidly and person can lose it considerably in a short span of time.

Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight protect eyes from such disorders and their side effects as well. People in habit of alcohol, smoking or tobacco use have higher toxicity in blood and imbalanced hormonal secretion which are damaging for eyes and deteriorate vision. Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight are wonderful supplements to reverse damages caused by these habits.


This herb is purgative, it lowers toxins in blood and keep digestive system free from toxin build-up to protect eyes and its organs. It has special property which improves transfer of image from retina to brain which maintain healthy vision n a person at any age. It also supresses infection caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses to protect eyes. This is one of the useful Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight.


Mulethi Remedy to Protect Eyesight

This herb is purgative and highly beneficial for eyes. It is rich source of vital nutrient required essentially by body to maintain sharp vision and also supplements antioxidants which protect these organs from ageing and damaging effects of free-radicals. This herb supplements Polysaccharides and vitamin A,C, B6 and B12 and also betacarotene which protect eyes from disorders.


Eyes need nutrition but due to constant internal and external strain capillaries get blocked and starve eye organs and cells. This herb enhances flow of blood and nourishes organs, nerves and cells of eyes and maintains optimum moisture to protect and improve vision.


Amla Remedy to Improve Eyesight

This fruit is riches source of vitamin C, immunity enhancer, curb toxins in blood and keep eyes fresh and clean. It is recommended along with other herbs as Ayurvedic eyewash which prevents ill-effects of strain and infections effectively. This is another one of the potent Ayurvedic medicines to improve eyesight.


This herb curbs viral infections, improves liver functions, it is exceptionally beneficial in treating wounds and also improves brain functions. It is memory enhancer and treats leucoderma effectively.


Honey Herbal Remedy to Improve Eye Vision

This is well-known for beneficial effects on eyes. It refreshes tired eyes and curbs infections. Honey is rich source of nutrition and antioxidants and improves vision by enhancing nutrition.


This herb is beneficial for eyes due to its hormonal balancing properties and ability to protect health from digestive problems. It keeps blood free from toxins and also enhances nutrition by improving digestion.

I- Lite Capsules

I-Lite capsules are Ayurvedic herbal remedies to improve eye vision as these possess powerful herbs as ingredients. These Ayurvedic remedies for weak eyesight protect from infections, strain, ill-effects of ageing and check progression of disorders like cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal problems. These Ayurvedic remedies to improve eye vision promote healthy lens, lens movement, moist ocular surface, higher nutrition and strong muscular functions.

I-Lite are Ayurvedic remedies for weak eyesight which improve near and far vision, night vision, colour perception and ability to focus on objects. This Ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight also protects eyes from infections like conjuctivitis and dry and red eyes.

Ayurvedic treatment for weak eyesight is safe for people of all age-groups including children, diabetics, elderly individuals and those who are in habit of harmful habits like alcohol intake etc.

Buy I-Lite Ayurvedic Herbal Eyesight Supplements to correct problems of poor eye vision naturally.

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