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Ayurvedic Medicines for Low Sperm Count

Ayurvedic Medicines for Low Sperm Count

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Low Sperm Count

Sperms are produced in male body on regular basis after puberty. These are elixir of male body and their number and motility is indispensible for reproduction. Males should have at least 20 million sperms in one ml of semen and out of these nearly 60% should be healthy, motile and capable of moving forward. Stats lesser than these, reduce chances of male achieving fatherhood. Male infertility is behind more than 50% cases of childless couples. Spermac capsules are Ayurvedic medicines for low sperm count which naturally and safely increase number of healthy and motile sperms to facilitate reproduction.

Males suffer with low sperm count due to poor nutrition and nutritional supply to testicles. Deficiencies of vital minerals and other nutrients cause production of sperms in lesser number or produce dead or inactive sperms which are unfit to fertilize woman’s egg. Many males suffer with infertility due to damage caused to healthy sperms within male body. Presence of toxins, harmful hormones, autoimmune disorder and free-radicals are few primary causes which create scarcity of healthy and motile sperms and deplete a male’s potency. Ayurvedic medicines for low sperm count maintain production of sperms in higher number and protect them from damages to enhance male’s fertility naturally.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Semen Volume

There are numerous disorders and diseases which hinder smooth ejaculation of sperms. Lack of proper ejaculation reduces chances of sperms reaching woman’s egg. Diseases like varicocele, blockages in tubules, retrograde ejaculation due to prostate enlargement etc. are few conditions which promote infertility in males by stopping proper ejaculation of sperms and seminal fluids. Ayurvedic medicines for low sperm count handle these issues as well effectively to promote fertility. Exposure to harmful chemicals, heavy metals and environmental pollutants are other major causes of the problem.

Nourishing and rejuvenating properties of Ayurvedic medicines for low sperm count suppress ill-effects of these factors and increase sperm count naturally and safely. Genetic disorders, injuries to testicles and viral infections are also common causes of low sperm count. These hinder production of sperms or damage healthy sperms to reduce their number and motility. Use of Ayurvedic medicines for low sperm count eliminates effects of these factors too and maximizes chances of male to achieve fatherhood.


This powerful anti-ageing, highly nutritive, aphrodisiac, immunity enhancer and promotes vitality. It promotes healthy testicular, prostate and glandular functions; rejuvenate reproductive system; open-up blocked tubules, sperm canals and urinary canal; prevent retrograde ejaculation and boost-up production of sperms. This is most powerful Ayurvedic medicine for low sperm count.


Ashwagandha to Increase Sperm Count

This herb is hormonal balancer, elevates level of testosterone hormone, curbs psychological problems, remove deficiencies, revitalize organs of the body and improve nerve functions.


This herb is rich source of antioxidants which open-up blood vessels and other canals of urinary system and body. It protects sperms from damage and also elevates level of testosterone hormone to boost-up testicular functions and keep male reproductive system energized and strong.


Kalonj Low Sperm Count Treatment

This herb improves liver and kidney functions and keeps blood purified. It suppresses toxins and other harmful agents protect hormones and sperms from damages. This herb is vitality enhancer, immunity supplement and energy booster.


This herb has hot potency and cures digestive, respiratory and remove congestion in canals. It enhance flow of blood and is powerful anti-viral and anti-toxin. It protects hormones and vital fluids of body from damages.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli to Enhance Low Sperm Count

This is highly nutritive and energizing herb. It improves functions of systems of the body and protects organs; it has strong revitalizing properties and is aphrodisiac in nature to improve functions of male reproductive system. This herb is popularly used as Ayurvedic medicine for low sperm count and poor vitality.

Lauh Bhasma

Deficiency of iron can be source of serious debilities and harm male’s potency. This herb fulfils iron requirements, treats anaemia, improve endurance of organs and strengthen muscles and bones.

Spermac capsules possess all the above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count. These are powerful Ayurvedic remedies for low semen volume as these improve prostate functions even in elderly males These Ayurvedic remedies to increase sperm count improve testicular functions, healthy prostate functions, enhance urinary system, open-up blockages and cure issues like retrograde ejaculation and higher toxicity to maintain higher number of healthy and motile sperms. These Ayurvedic remedies for low semen volume elevate level of testosterone hormone, supplement nutrition and enhance energy production to improve a male’s virility and vitality.

Spermac capsules provide Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count which overcomes hindrances posed by genetic disorders, chemical exposure, unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet. The herbal ingredients improve functions of pituitary gland and its link with testicles to increase production of sperms, these protect testicles and other reproductive organs from damages caused by diseases or ageing as well. Spermac capsules provide holistic Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count and bless a male with renewed vitality, virility and potency in a short time.

Buy Spermac Ayurvedic Herbal Semen Volume Enhancer Pills to increase semen volume naturally.

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