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Causes of Low Sperm Count and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes of Low Sperm Count and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes of Low Sperm Count

Males need at least 20 million sperms in per ml of their semen. Any number lesser than this minimize their chances of achieving fatherhood. There is another condition which is also classified as low sperm count in which males may have sufficient number of sperms but lesser percentage of forward floating sperms. If at least 50% of total sperms are not moving forward then also males are classified as having lesser sperms. There are numerous causes of low sperm count which can vary from mild to serious.

Males wearing tight underpants, sitting for long hours, riding or cycling too much can be victims of poor fertility as all of these are common causes of low sperm count. Exposure to chemicals via water containing chemicals, use of plastic in food packing, chlorinated water or working in conditions which may expose a male to chemicals are other common causes of low sperm count. Surgeries which affect testicles, defects right from birth and undescended testes are other causes of low sperm count which hinder their optimum production and create scarcity.

Substance abuse and exposure to heavy metals are also responsible for depleting number of sperms in semen and are reckoned as major causes of low sperm count. Alcoholism, environmental pollution and drugs are major sources of substance abuse and exposure to metals which harm a male’s fertility. Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle affect each and every aspect of human health and these are causes of low sperm count as well.

Diet not containing complete nutrition or containing compounds which are anti-nutrition and lifestyle which restricts flow of blood towards pelvic region, increases toxicity, promotes growth of harmful compounds in the system and slows down the body’s metabolic rate also lead to either lesser production or rapid damage of sperms to cause their scarcity.

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Internal issues too are major causes of low sperm count. Varicocele prevents proper transfer of sperms from testicles to urethra, retrograde ejaculation due to enlarged prostate or prostatitis causes incomplete ejaculation, spinal injuries also block semen path and infections like gonorrhoea, HIV and STD’s can also cause testicular malfunctions and reduce number of healthy sperms severely.

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Low Sperm Count

Cancerous or non-cancerous tumours, chromosomal defects, celiac disease and autoimmune disorder are issues which damage healthy sperms and create their scarcity to harm male fertility. Apart from these, certain types of medicines like antidepressant, antifungal, diuretics, etc., are also well-known for depleting the number of healthy sperms. Obesity, use of steroids, sedatives and tranquilizers also harm health and functions of male reproductive system to cause the problem.

Spermac capsules are herbal sperm enhancer pills which come with highly beneficial herbs to alleviate the problem. These pills provide holistic Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count and increase chances of a male to achieve fatherhood. These pills balance secretion of hormones and most importantly improve the link between hypothalamus, pituitary and testes to provide safe and complete Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count.

Most of the causes of the problem disturb balance between glands and testicles. These organs work on the instructions of pituitary gland which is triggered by hypothalamus and poor transfer of signals or false signals are major hurdles which prevent a male from gaining optimum number of healthy and motile sperms.

Herbal Sperm Enhancer Pills

Herbal sperm enhancer pills also elevate level of testosterone hormone by supplying more nutrition to testicles. Testosterone is produced in testicles which in turn keep reproductive health of a male upbeat.

By stimulating testicles to produce testosterone, herbal sperm enhancer pills increase production of healthy and motile sperms. This Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count protects organs from toxins and free-radicals which cause damage and slowdown their functions and also suppress presence of harmful hormones and chemicals which damage healthy sperms and create their scarcity.

Vital M-40 capsules are nutritive and can fill-in nutritional gaps naturally. These supplement wide range of nutrients and minerals to keep deficiencies away and also increase production of energy in the body. Males running high on energy and stamina maintain proper functions of reproductive system and also prevent debilities and disorders from occurring which harm his potency.

Vital M-40 Capsules

Intake of Vital M-40 capsules along with Spermac herbal sperm enhancer pills provides fast, natural and holistic Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count. These supplements possess herbs which open-up blocked blood vessels and also seminal pathways.

These handle side effects of infections and diseases which prevent complete and smooth ejaculation of sperms by blocking their way to deplete a male’s fertility and thus provide complete Ayurvedic treatment for low sperm count.

These pills also improve prostate gland health and relieve issues like retrograde ejaculation which can prevent proper ejaculation and minimize chances of conception.

Herbal sperm enhancer pills increase volume of seminal fluids so that a male is able to transfer healthy number of sperms up to the woman’s ova and maximize chances of fertilization. These supplements work for males of all ages and can be taken without any medical prescription.

Buy Ayurvedic Semen Volume Enhancer Pills to Increase Sperm Count and Male Fertility.

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