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Causes of Joint Pain and Herbal Treatment for Stiff Joints

Causes of Joint Pain and Herbal Treatment for Stiff Joints

Major Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain is highly debilitating and poses frustrating discomfort. It restricts the movement of body and depletes a person’s working efficiency. Pain in back shoulder and neck can even make resting difficult. There are numerous causes of joint pain. Arthritis is the most popular and one of the most hazardous causes of joint pain. It can damage joints irreversibly and right from the onset promotes pain and stiffness.

If this is not treated, it can even make joints completely immobile. Strenuous lifestyle is another one of the major causes of joint pain. People in heavy jobs, sportspersons, athletes, etc., during their daily activities are likely to apply sudden and excessive pressure over their joint or joints regularly. This pressure speeds-up wear and tear and damage joint organs to make the entire joint stiff and painful.

Repetitive motion is another one of the commonly found causes of joint pain. People performing similar motion again and again even if it is mild and not straining can make one suffer with swelling, pain and stiffness in joints due to muscular exhaustion or ligament damage. Deficiencies in the body are well-known causes of joint pain. Lack of minerals, vitamins and amino acids causes weakness in bones, muscles and ligaments. These organs are responsible for keeping joints well-aligned, strong and high on endurance. Weakness in any of these organs reduces the range of joint motion and also the weight and pressure bearing capacities of joints which further cause joint pain.

Calcium metabolism is very necessary for keeping bones healthy and muscular functions upbeat. Calcium helps in generating bone tissues which are required to keep them dense and healthy. Body also needs calcium for maintaining muscular functions. Muscles need calcium to contract and relax which helps to move joints but low level of calcium causes bone atrophy and makes bones thin and fragile, and also reduces endurance of muscles. When body faces scarcity of calcium, it starts reabsorbing it from bones and this condition is called calcium reabsorption which deteriorates health of entire musculoskeletal system.

Calcium insufficiency due to poor calcium metabolism, lesser calcium intake and deficiencies of vitamins which are needed to utilize calcium also cause frequent joint pain and severe debilities. Iron-induced anemia, sickle cell anemia and Lyme disease are also causes of joint pain and weakness and repetitively bring episodes of joint swelling, stiffness and weakness.

Autoimmune disorder causes rheumatism which also leads to RA but before that this disorder can bring joint pain in any or few joints of the body by deteriorating bone, muscle and ligament health and endurance. Aging slows down the functions of every system of the body and is debilitating for musculoskeletal system as well as it raises joint pain by depleting health and strength of joint organs.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Stiff Joints

Rumoxil capsules and Rumoxil oil in combination provide the most powerful and safe herbal treatment for stiff joints. Rumoxil capsules possess herbs which eliminate disorders like calcium insufficiency and help to prevent conditions like calcium reabsorption. These Ayurvedic remedies for joint stiffness promote growth of bone tissues to increase bone density and also generate tissues at a faster pace to strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons.

When a person has powerful bones and strong and enduring muscles and ligaments, he or she is able to get long-lasting relief from joint pain and weakness. Arthritis and excessive strain on joints cause damage in cartilages. Ayurvedic remedies for joint stiffness not only promote faster growth of bone, muscular and other tissues but also repair damaged cartilages and make them strong. Healthy and damaged cartilages in turn allow bones to swivel over each other smoothly and eliminate stiffness.

Ayurvedic remedies for joint stiffness by providing stronger joint organs and healthy cartilages increase range of joint motion and its ability to bear more weight and pressure. Synovial fluid in joints nourishes cartilages and keeps them strong and flexible. This fluid can get infected and there can be deposition of uric acid crystals which can damage cartilages.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Joint Stiffness

Ayurvedic remedies for joint stiffness keep synovial fluid clean and healthy and also protect it from infections and uric acid crystals to keep cartilages healthy. These Ayurvedic remedies for joint stiffness treat nerve related disorders, autoimmune disorder and prevent ill-effects of ageing by supplementing antioxidants. These keep immune system functions higher and also boost-up metabolic rate to keep joints and organs healthy.

Massages with Rumoxil oil along with capsules make it highly beneficial and fast herbal treatment for stiff joints. Oil seeps into skin and relaxes nerves and muscles which further relax blood vessels so that joint organs gain optimum nutrition supply to stay healthy and strong. Herbal treatment for stiff joints diffuses swelling and relieves pain quickly to promote movement.

It also treats tenderness and redness in joints to provide relief. Herbal treatment for stiff joints through Rumoxil oil and capsules works wonderfully well for elderly individuals and for those who lead strenuous lifestyle. The effects of herbal treatment for stiff joints last for longer period in life and provide relief even in presence of health conditions.

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