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Ayurvedic Medicines for Shoulder Pain

Ayurvedic Medicines for Shoulder Pain

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder is ball and socket joint which is formed by three bones scapula, collar bone and upper arm bone. The head of upper arm bone resides in a shallow socket formed by scapula or shoulder blade. Synovial fluid and cartilages present in the socket allow smooth movement of head of upper arm bone to allow shoulder joint movement. All three bones forming the joint are bound by strong ligaments maintaining joint alignment and entire shoulder joint is covered by tissues in a capsule.

Frozen shoulder is a condition which causes pain and reduced range of shoulder movement, the intensity of pain keeps on increasing and range of motion regularly reduces without proper care. Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain are highly beneficial in alleviating pain and increasing range of motion. Regular use of Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain prevents pain and stiffness in future as well by making joint and its organs stronger.

The causes of frozen shoulder can be many, arthritis is one of the major causes of the problem after injuries and fractures, Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain alleviate the problem occurring due to all reasons. Arthritis damages cartilages which hinder smooth movement of head of arm bone inside socket to cause pain and stiffness.

This disease can cause joint misalignment by damaging bones and ligaments, and cause severe pain and stiffness by promoting infections or deposition of harmful crystals in synovial fluid to damage cartilages. Fractures, injuries, poor sleeping posture, long term inactivity, bone disorders, diabetes etc. are also other causes of pain and stiffness in shoulder joint.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stiff Frozen Shoulder

Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain treat and reverse damages caused by arthritis and other causes of the problem and provide stronger and healthier shoulder joint.


Kalonji Remedy for Shoulder Pain

This is one of the Ayurvedic herbal medicines for shoulder pain and numerous other health problems. It curbs rheumatism, back pain, improves liver health, cardiac tonic, improves bone health, strengthen teeth and boost-up energy. It is powerful kidney cleanser, promotes weight loss and improves immune system functions.

Motil Pishti

It relieves gastritis, fever, internal bleeding, blood with diarrhoea and is cardiac tonic. It maintains healthy blood pressure and is natural remedy for mania, psychosis and depression.


Lohban Remedy to Reduce Shoulder Pain

This tension remover, it relieves nerves, muscles and other organs of the body and also reduces mental tensions. It regenerates tissues and is powerful immunity enhancer. It works as one of the prolific Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain occurring due to OA or RA.


This is one of the popular Ayurvedic medicines for shoulder pain and other joint pains. It regenerates bones and keep them protected. It prevents bone atrophy due to ageing, deficiencies, scarcity of minerals and disorders, and keeps them stronger to maintain joint strength and endurance.


It is highly effective herbs for relieving and treating rheumatoid arthritis, gout, OA and numerous other forms of arthritis. Keep immunity higher, prevent accumulation of harmful acids and is powerful anti-inflammatory.


Kesar Remedy for Frozen Shoulder

This herb is nutritive, muscles and nerve relaxant and provides calm mind. It promotes flow of blood, keepsblood vessels free from blockages and relieves pressure on heart. It maintains healthy hormonal balance and supress release of harmful hormones by fighting back stress and bringing sound sleep.


This is common kitchen ingredient but also powerful herb for keeping musculoskeletal system healthy. It is appetizer, improves digestion, suppresses release of acids, curbs gas formation and flushes toxins out of digestive system. It is hormonal balancer too and improves production of bile.

Rumatone Gold Capsules

Rumatone Gold capsules come with power of Ayurvedic remedies for stiff shoulder. These possess herbs mentioned above and others which improve strength of cartilages, bones and ligaments to keep joint healthy, strong and stable. These possess Ayurvedic remedies for frozen shoulder which curb pain, diffuse inflammation and relieve stiffness; these energize muscles and keep synovial fluid clear to keep bone movement smooth and joint painless.

Ayurvedic remedies for stiff shoulder shield ill-effects of ageing, rheumatism, gout and different forms of arthritis, these also promote faster and better healing of fractures and trauma, and repair damages caused by overuse, lethargy and wrong postures etc. Rumatone Gold capsules possess Ayurvedic remedies for frozen shoulder which protect joint from side effects of diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, neuralgia etc. and maintain smooth joint movement.

Rumatone Gold Oil

Massages with Rumatone Gold oil along with capsules intake make it even better and faster Ayurvedic treatment for shoulder pain. The oil seeps into skin and relieves pain, it diffuses swelling and allows smooth flow of blood, and regular application of this oil enhances strength of joint organs and relieves stiffness. Oil improves effects of herbs present in capsules. It increases range of joint motion and heals injuries and damages faster.

Together these supplements provide holistic Ayurvedic treatment for shoulder pain and stiffness which reverse the problem occurring due to ageing, injuries, trauma or any form of arthritis. Use of these supplements improve health and endurance of joint organs and protect them from damages and injuries caused by strenuous lifestyle.

Buy Rumatone Gold Capsules and Oil and relieve stiff and frozen shoulder naturally.

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