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Ayurvedic Medicines for Osteoporosis

Ayurvedic Medicines for Osteoporosis

Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is bone disorder which makes them powdery, fragile and brittle. Women are most common victims of this disorder compared to men. Powdery bones lead to poor joints and frequent fractures, this disorder is troublesome and highly debilitating. Freeflex capsules are Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis. These check progression of disorder and in many cases even reverse it. Bones need regular remodelling throughout life; these reject worn-out and damaged tissues and replace them with new one.

Body needs to have proper reserves of calcium and vitamin D along with other minerals to produce bone tissues and keep bone density higher. Osteoporosis causes bend posture or stooping and poses extreme difficulties in sitting and bending, it makes lifting objects difficult and hinders with normal daily activities of life. Freeflex Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis possess wide variety of herbs which address possible causes of the problem and alleviate it in a short time.

Women approaching menopause are common victims of osteoporosis due to low estrogen level. People in habit of smoking, alcoholism, eating animal protein and consuming very less plant protein, fat and fibre are also at high risk of catching this problem. Autoimmune disorder, calcium reabsorption, deficiencies of calcium, vitamin D and K are other causes of this disorder. Medicines like steroids, anti-convulsants etc. also hinder with bone tissue generation and make bones brittle and fragile.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoporosis

Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis are capable of handling the problem due to any of these reasons. High sodium intake or improper removal of excess sodium from body due to kidney disorders or other reasons also leads to osteoporosis. Use of Ayurvedic herbal medicines for osteoporosis provides healthy and strong bones, powerful joints, stronger muscles and maintains movement and posture of body. These allow men and women stay fit and agile for longer period in life despite of problem.


Suranjan Treatment for Osteoporosis

This herb has powerful properties to generate bone tissues at faster pace and reverse weakness and fragility of bones. It makes them denser, flexible and stronger and also enhances joint strength and endurance to promote movement. It is one of the prolific Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis.


This herb too possesses properties to enhance bone density and flexibility and reverse ill-effects of disorder. It is effective against powdery bones and arthritis both and supplements minerals and vitamins necessary for keeping-up bone tissue generation. This too is one of the common Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis.


This is renowned hormonal balancer which improves metabolism and curb presence of harmful hormones which deplete bone and joint health. It elevates level of estrogen in proper balance with other hormones in women to alleviate bone degeneration. It is nutritive and inhibits toxin activities and also boost-up immune system functions.


Guggul to Increase Bone Density

It is another one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicines for osteoporosis. It supplements vitamin D and calcium and also other minerals which generate tissues and keep bones healthy and strong. It improves calcium metabolism which maintain sufficient availability of calcium for bone and muscle health.


This herb is cleanser and anti-inflammatory. It expels toxins, chemicals and acids deposited in stomach and digestive system and also diffuse swellings in organs. This herb increases urine output and help kidneys remove impurities in blood.

Godanti Hadtal

This herb is effective supplement to check bone degeneration due to ageing or deficiencies. It is recommended for checking progression of osteoarthritis which also occurs due to bone degeneration and makes joints immobile.

Rasna Extract

This herb supplements minerals, calcium and keeps internal organs and blood free from harmful acids and toxins. It suppresses presence of corrosive acids which damage bones and make them thin and weak.

Freeflex capsules possess all the above-mentioned Ayurvedic remedies for osteoporosis in perfect dosage and combination. All of these herbs are Ayurvedic remedies to increase bone density which not only stop progression of this disorder but reverse the weaknesses and damages caused by it. These work for men and women of all ages and promote movement and strengthen body’s skeleton. These prevent stooping due to disc and vertebra degeneration and protect joints from immobility and deformity.

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis supplements calcium, vitamin D, and minerals like potassium and magnesium. Calcium and vitamin D regenerate bones and bring back lost density and strength whereas potassium balances calcium, forms bones and increases mineral density in bones to keep them flexible and strong. Magnesium is needed to protect bones from damages caused by acids which corrode bones and make them powdery. Ayurvedic remedies for osteoporosis possess abilities to increase estrogen hormone. In case of women scarcity of this hormone makes bones weak and thin to cause osteoporosis. Healthy level of estrogen in proper balance with other hormones maintains bone strength and body’s posture.

Freeflex capsules possess Ayurvedic remedies to increase bone density which along with calcium metabolism, suppress poor hormonal activities, toxin damage and free-radical mechanism. These improve immune system functions and relieve conditions like autoimmune disorder. These supplements reverse damages caused by alcoholism, smoking, poor diet and low fibre diet effectively. Use of Calcivon tablets with Freeflex capsule make it complete Ayurvedic treatment for osteoporosis and bring faster results. Calcivon tablets generate bones faster, prevent bone atrophy and maintain healthy joints. These cleanse internal system and supplement complete range of minerals and vitamins to reverse damages caused by osteoporosis to body’s skeleton.

Buy Freeflex Ayurvedic Herbal Bone, Joint and Muscle Supplements and increase bone density naturally.

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