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Causes Of Swapnadosh, Nightfall Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Causes Of Swapnadosh, Nightfall Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Major Causes of Swapnadosh

Problem of wet dreams or swapnadosh is common during adolescent years. Body is unable to handle hormonal changes, which arrive with puberty and causes over-excitement during sleep to bring nightfall. But even at young age or later age if frequency of swapnadosh is too high, it is cause of concern. Frequent wet dreams can harm health and potency severely. Hormonal changes during young age are common causes of swapnadosh.

In adults, long term abstinence from sex or arousal during the day without ejaculation is one among commonly found causes of swapnadosh. Low testosterone levels can make male reproductive system sluggish and weak. Scarcity of this hormone reduces supply of energy towards male genital region and cause weakness in nerves.

The nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during normal state and delay its ejaculation during arousal. But nerves need regular supply of energy to perform their job. When males are unable to keep their nerves energized, these allow semen to pass out easily after slight excitement to bring nightfall. Low testosterone levels are other prominent causes of swapnadosh. Since nerves need regular flow of energy, males running low on energy and stamina also suffer with frequent nightfall, as their body is incapable of supplying regular energy and make them lethargic to allow semen to pass out easily during sleep.

Males using sedatives for long term or suffering with disorders like diabetes also suffer with weak and lethargic nerves which are also popular causes of swapnadosh. Alcoholism, smoking, tobacco use, recreational drugs and drinks are also common causes of swapnadosh, as these too strain nerves and make them exhausted and incapable to perform their job.

Poor sexual practices like self-stimulation are other major and serious causes of swapnadosh. Males self-stimulating excessively strain their reproductive system. They damage tissues and nerves of genital region and male organ and also have congested or swollen prostate gland. All these issues are potent reasons for semen loss either during sleep or on slight arousal during day time. Restricted flow of blood towards male genital region due to deficiencies or diseases and lifestyle related issues also bring this problem in males.

Males leading lethargic lifestyle or in a job which requires long term sitting can have poor flow of blood and weak nerves and muscles of genital region. Many males due to liver problems run low on zinc which is necessary mineral to maintain health of blood vessels. Scarcity of this mineral can reduce supply of nutrition and make nerves lethargic and weak to bring ejaculation during sleep. Certain types of medicines also cause nerve weaknesses to promote this problem and too much cycling or strenuous lifestyle also causes nerve exhaustion to bring wet dreams.

Swapandosh Treatment Infographic

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Nightfall

NF Cure capsules and Vital M-40 capsules are highly efficient supplements for ayurvedic treatment for swapnadosh. This herbal treatment for nightfall energizes nerves and keeps them alert and active to prevent involuntary discharge of semen. These herbal nightfall remedies not only stop wet dreams but also cure problem of PE and improve a male’s potency. These supplements work by increasing testosterone hormone levels, which improve energy and performance of entire male reproductive system. This hormone also improves flow of energy towards male reproductive system which energizes nerves and keeps them active.

Higher testosterone levels along with herbal treatment for nightfall provide effective treatment for low libido, low semen volume and premature ejaculation. NF Cure and Vital M-40 capsules possess nutritive herbs, which are vital for holistic ayurvedic treatment for swapnadosh. Males cannot suppress wet dreams, if they have poor vitality. These supplements provide long-lasting nightfall treatment by improving male’s vitality and energy levels and keep his body high on stamina. Males, who enjoy sound physical and mental health, stay away from disorders and stay potent and virile for longer period in life.

Herbal Remedies for Swapnadosh

Ayurvedic treatment for swapnadosh through these supplements reverses side effects of bad habits like masturbation as well. This herbal cure for wet dreams also promotes healthy prostate functions. It clears congestion and treats bacterial infection, and also shrinks enlarged prostate back to its normal size.

This herbal treatment for nightfall possesses anti-inflammatory herbs, which diffuse inflammation of prostate gland and improve its functions. Ayurvedic treatment for swapnadosh cleanses blood and improves liver functions. It supplements vital minerals like zinc and iron and also dilates blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow. Blood brings nutrition and oxygen for cells and nerves and makes them stronger and active.

Herbal treatment for nightfall promotes flow of blood by opening blocked blood vessels and removing constrictions. When males gain higher flow of blood, they gain active nerves and strong organs to get rid of wet dreams problem naturally. Ayurvedic treatment for swapnadosh is suitable for males of all ages.

This herbal treatment for nightfall improves male’s vitality and potency and also increases his low libido. Males by taking this nightfall treatment recover from ill-effects of bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle and also shield ill-effects of diseases and medication. This nightfall treatment can be used for prolonged duration without worrying about side effects.

Buy Herbal Treatment for Wet Dreams to Prevent Frequent Night Discharge.

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