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Causes of Poor Eyesight and Herbal Eye Vision Supplements

Causes of Poor Eyesight and Herbal Eye Vision Supplements

Major Causes of Poor Eyesight

Vision depletes after a certain age like any other system of the body, but in many cases deterioration in vision arrives much earlier in age due to constant strain, infections and damage caused by external environment. If eyes do not get optimum support from inside to withstand external stress and strain, these begin to malfunction and cause poor vision. Internal weaknesses, deficiencies, disorders and strain caused by reading, writing, watching TV or working on computers are commonly found causes of poor eyesight.

Genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, injuries, ageing, poor care, effects of environmental pollutants, etc., are other causes of poor eyesight.Poor diet lacking in nutrients which eyes need necessarily to stay fit and lifestyle which deprives proper rest to eyes and sleep for sufficient duration are major causes of poor eyesight in young and adults alike. High blood sugar levels are severely harmful for vision. Many times people having high sugar levels are diagnosed with the problem of rapidly deteriorating vision.

Diabetes is one of the major causes of poor eyesight. Genetic factors also play a role in determining one’s vision and performance of eyes. With ageing, people experience poor muscular performance, dryness in eyes and conditions like cataract. These problems arise due to growing weakness in internal systems and poor support to eyes and due to damage caused by free-radicals. Ageing is a natural cause of poor eyesight.

People staying in open during most part of the day expose their eyes to dust, pollution, sun, hot and cold weather and air. These factors can wipe-off moistness over ocular surface and can cause dryness. Moisture in eyes is needed so that lids can remove the accumulated particles and can keep lens clean but lack of moisture prevents this cleaning and instead it causes formation of scars, redness and scratches over lens and ocular surface in absence of proper moisture.

Poor health of lens and injuries over ocular surface causes blood-shot eyes and poor vision. These are the commonly found causes of poor eyesight in day to day life. Vitamin A deficiency, lack of other vitamins like B, C and E, and low iron levels are also responsible for causing poor vision, poor colour perception, poor night vision and inability to focus on near and far objects.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Eye Vision Supplements

I-Lite capsules are the Ayurvedic eyesight supplements which protect and improve vision simultaneously. These herbal eye vision supplements can be used by people to maintain their vision sharp and relieve strain over eyes caused by reading, writing and other activities for longer period in the day, ageing and other stressors like active lifestyle, medication, etc.

Herbal eye vision supplements fill-in nutritional gaps to supply optimum nutrition to eyes and fulfil the requirement of necessary nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E to keep eyes healthy and stress-free. These also curb toxin damage and protect delicate organs and functions of eyes.

I-Lite Ayurvedic eyesight supplements prevent conditions like dryness, redness and protect eyes from infections which can affect people staying in open for longer period regularly and can harm their vision. People beyond the age of 40 years begin to experience deterioration in their vision due to muscular weakness and poor lens functions but use of these herbal eye vision supplements will not only prevent these problems from aggravating by keeping muscles healthy and lens clear but will also suppress issues like cataract, myopia, glaucoma and poor lens focus effectively.

I-Lite Capsules Ayurvedic Eyesight Supplements

I-Lite Ayurvedic eyesight supplements come with herbs which are good sources of antioxidants and are extremely beneficial for eyes. These antioxidants open-up capillaries in eyes, enhance nutritional supply and also protect eyes from free-radical and toxin damage. These are effective in curing problems caused to retina and maintain healthy nerve functions to improve colour perception and night vision and provide clear and sharp daylight vision by improving image formation over retina.

These herbal eye vision supplements relieve strain over eyes caused by day to day activities. People getting lesser time to take proper rest and sleep also gain refreshed and healthy eyes by using these Ayurvedic eyesight supplements. These are wonderful for people working on computers or suffering with hazardous diseases like diabetes which deteriorate vision irreversibly.

Hypertension is another issue which harms eyes by damaging delicate and thin blood vessels and people with high blood pressure often have red spot in their eyes due to rupture of capillaries. These herbal eye vision supplements repair and clean eyes quickly and strengthen capillaries and veins to shield ill-effects of hypertension and also its medications over eyes.

I-Lite Ayurvedic eyesight supplements possess herbs which are anti-inflammatory and diffuse swelling, these also possess herbs which suppress toxin build-up in digestive system and protect delicate organs from damage and improve energy levels in the body. Use of these supplements is safe for men and women of all ages and also for children. These minimize chances of wearing glasses in young and maintain vision in elderly by protecting their eyes from the side effects of ageing, medications and health conditions.

Buy I-Lite Ayurvedic Eyesight Enhancer Supplements to Improve Vision and Eye Health Naturally.

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