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Causes of Vaginal Laxity and Herbal Treatment for Loose Vagina

Causes of Vaginal Laxity and Herbal Treatment for Loose Vagina

Major Causes of Vaginal Laxity

Women lose firmness and tightness of their genital passage considerably after childbirth. To accommodate baby during birth, the genital passage gets over-stretched much beyond its limits and later during post-natal phase, the woman’s body recovers from the wear and tear caused during childbirth but even if a woman is in very good health, her body is unable to bring back youthful tightness and firmness of vagina again. Women who have multiple deliveries in their life suffer even more with disorders related to their intimate passage. Vaginal childbirth is one of the major causes of vaginal laxity.

Poor health whether due to poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits or diseases too is one of the commonly found causes of vaginal laxity. Poor health cannot keep muscles, tissues and organs nourished and healthy and make them dull. The dullness in tissue lining of walls of genital passage brings looseness in passage and makes it wider. Any issue which deteriorates woman’s health is one of the potential causes of vaginal laxity. Many women fear that frequent lovemaking can stretch their passage and make it loose, however proper lovemaking does not cause looseness and in fact, it can keep passage healthier and clean. As long as a woman is not using any cheap gel, cream or toy to enhance sexual pleasure which can harm skin of walls or cause allergies and dryness, lovemaking is safe.

Use of IUD, birth control pills, sedatives, poor sleep and long sitting hours are few other causes of vaginal laxity. These restrict flow of blood and make cells starve for nutrition. Cells in absence of nutritional and oxygen supply die at rapid pace making walls weak and tissues thin. Weakness in tissues allows walls to lax and makes passage wider. Hormonal disturbances caused due to consumption of pills, stress, sleeplessness, etc., or due to menopause are other prominent causes of the problem. Poor hormonal balance depletes health of reproductive system and organs and lack of proper hormones in body reduce supply of nutrition and make organs and tissues weak. These cause frequent episodes of dryness and allow infections to flourish. Menstrual problems too are caused by poor hormonal secretion which also affects firmness of walls of passage.

Poor hormonal balance due to reduced flow of blood makes nerves weak too which reduces sensation and prevents a female from getting aroused. All the factors in one way or the other work as causes of vaginal laxity by deteriorating supply of nutrition and oxygen to cells, nerves and tissues and cause weakness, dullness and looseness in the passage.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Loose Vagina

Aabab tablets provide fast and highly effective herbal treatment for loose vagina. These tablets work within minutes of use and a woman can begin to feel positive changes right from day one which keep getting better and better. This tablet is used internally by inserting it into the passage before lovemaking.These tablets get dissolved and affect the troubled part directly for loose vagina treatment. The herbs present in these tablets within minutes promote warmth and wetness and entice higher flow of blood. Woman can feel growing sensation and tightness in walls with rush of blood and secretion of fluids to achieve full-bodied arousals.

This herbal treatment for loose vagina promotes flow of blood immediately after use and maintains it for few hours so that a woman can enjoy lovemaking all night long. On regular use, this herbal treatment to tighten genital passage reverses ill-effects of all the causes of vaginal laxity by maintaining optimum flow of blood and promoting cell generation at faster pace to let natural tightness kick-in.

This loose vagina treatment increases intensity of arousals and brings sensational climaxes. A woman feels desirable again and stays in positive frame of mind during the day. These changes help in curbing her hormonal balance and also keep her reproductive system healthy.

Aabab Tablet

Herbal treatment for loose vagina keeps passage clean and free from infectious agents and substances which cause dryness. This loose vagina treatment suppresses issues like white vaginal discharge or leucorrhoea which occurs due to bacterial growth or invasion of allergens, etc., in intimate passage. This loose vagina treatment is highly beneficial for menopausal women who suffer with dryness, lesser sensation and absence of climaxes due to hormonal disturbances to lead an inactive love life.

In case of women who have passed through child delivery, this herbal treatment for loose vagina provides faster recovery and brings back virgin like tightness naturally. This loose vagina treatment energizes muscles of pelvic region so that a woman maintains proper shape of her vagina by nullifying effects of aging, weaknesses, etc., and also gains control over grip of her passage. By using Aabab tablets, a woman can squeeze her passage to increase friction and gain higher pleasure during the act.

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