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My low sex time period is killing my married life and my confidence. My wife is no more interested in bedtime activities which make me feel depressed. I need 100% effective and fast Ayurvedic medicine to increase sex time period, please help.

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Pankaj Khandelwal

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  1. Low sex time period is relationship breaker as it not only disappoints lovers in bed but also makes them irritated and frustrated after repeated occurrence. Good news is that this problem can be solved completely and there are Ayurvedic supplements which after solving this problem can heighten a male’s abilities to make highly gratifying love. Masti capsules and King Cobra oil are two Ayurvedic supplements which can resolve your problem in a fast manner and can impart amazing lovemaking abilities. You can order these supplements online by accessing company’s website; choose any of the payment options like cheque, DD, NEFT, COD and cash deposit; place your order and you will get your order delivered within 3-5 working days at your doorstep.

    Masti capsules possess blend of aphrodisiac and nutritive herbs which can improve a male’s vitality, energy and stamina naturally. Aphrodisiac herbs increase level of testosterone hormone and maintain regular flow of energy to keep reproductive organs nourished and energized and nerves strong and active. Availability of energy in higher amount and its regular supply to nerves and reproductive system can prolong a male’s duration in bed and can allow him to make love as long as he wishes to. The herbs present in these pills make male genital region sensitive by stimulating nerve functions and increasing libido; sensitive nerves in turn bring intense and quick arousals and resolve problem of slow, weak and soft erections. Regular flow of energy towards male genital region improves testicular functions and promotes healthy prostate functions to improve semen volume and sperm count. Topical application of King Cobra oil brings positive results right from day one as this oil possesses herbs which dilate blood vessels and promote higher blood flow towards reproductive system. Blood brings with it nutrition and oxygen to regenerate cells and tissues and strengthen organs and nerves. This oil also enlarges tissues to promote powerful erections and even increase size of erections. This oil further enhances nerve functions and makes a male capable of gaining multiple erections in each session. By using these supplements regularly, one not only gains longer sex time period but higher vitality and potency as well.

    To know more about Masti capsules and King Cobra oil please visit here: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/ayurvedic-treatment-increase-sex-time-men/

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