What to Do to Stay Erect for Longer?


I am 28 years old and masturbating for 8 years. My penis is soft and I cannot stay erect for a longer duration. I do not know what to do. Is there any herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction or not?

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  1. Dear customer, Thank you for your query.

    ED is a condition due to which a person is not able to maintain a harder and stronger erection. A number of males suffer from this problem and in the result of this, they experience low sexual desire problem, weak erection, and relationship issues.

    The causes of male impotence can be masturbation addiction, use of alcohol, smoking, aging factors, etc. To treat masturbation side effects like erectile dysfunction, there is an herbal treatment that works naturally. We have the best ayurvedic products that help a man get rid of ED boosting his stamina power. The use of King Cobra oil helps to eliminate this problem naturally because of the use of potent herbs that really work.

    What to do to stay erect for longer?

    We recommend you to start using King Cobra oil that helps a man overcome erectile dysfunction by using ayurvedic treatment for ED problem in an efficient manner. King Cobra oil is fully loaded with natural ingredients. These herbal ingredients are taken directly from plants and mixed in an equal ratio by our group of experts with proper care and caution.

    This herbal treatment for impotence is the best choice to overcome hand practice side effect that is soft erection in a natural way.

    Tips to Overcome Weak Erection Problem:

    • Stop masturbating and watching erotic content
    • Eat a diet full of nutrition
    • Take walk daily for 30 minutes or more
    • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
    • Take proper sleep and do not stress
    • Lose weight if you are overweight
    • Keep high blood pressure and cholesterol in control
    • Exercise daily

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