Ayurvedic Treatment For Quick Discharge Of Semen


Meri samasya hai ki main kai baar bahut jaldi discharge ho jaata hun. Kya is problem ko hand practice se control kiya ja sakta hai? Kya iska koi ilaaj Ayurveda mein hai? Agar hai to dawa ka naam bataein?

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  1. First of all, forget that you can control problem of premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan) by hand-practice, in fact you will aggravate it by trying this. Shighrapatan is a problem related to nerves and mental state of a male. Males having weak and sluggish nerves which are unable to provide intense arousals and hold back ejaculation are the major causes of early discharge. Many males are unable to control their excitement and get too much aroused before real activity begins and ejaculate quickly. You need to handle these and other possible causes of the problem to get rid of this condition. Herbs are trusted and dependable ways to eradicate weaknesses which reduce a male’s stamina and allow him to discharge quickly. Today, you can gain benefits of numerous herbs through Ayurvedic supplements. We would recommend that you use Lawax capsules and Lawax oil in combination to cure early discharge problem and gain resounding vitality, virility and vigour. These supplements are available online. You can visit the company website and place your order; you will get quick supply within 3-5 working days and top quality supplements at the best price. Easy payment options are available and one can make payments through NEFT, COD, DD, cheque or cash deposit.

    Lawax capsules can handle the problem from inside. These pills energize male body, improve testosterone hormone levels and rejuvenate male reproductive system. These also possess herbs which make nerves stronger and healthier and maintain regular flow of energy to keep them active always. Active nerves promote higher sensation to cause intense arousals and quick erections and also delay a male’s ejaculation. Due to effect of these herbs, a male becomes a keener lover in bed and performs lovemaking intensely and discharges when he wishes to. Lawax oil further enhances good effects of capsules. This oil dilates blood vessels and maintains optimum flow of blood to keep reproductive organ energized and strong. It promotes intense sensations and maintains a male’s intensity during lovemaking. On regular use, this oil regenerates tissues and makes them healthier and bigger to improve erection quality and even increases size of erections considerably. Lawax capsules and oil boost-up a male’s energy and stamina, cure disorders like Shighrapatan and enhance a male’s ability to achieve fatherhood and lead an active and healthy life.

    For more details about Lawax capsules and oil please visit this link: https://www.holisticayurveda.in/product/lawax-capsules-and-lawax-oil/

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