How to Use Hebrozyme Capsule for Acidity?


I am a foodie and I love to eat spicy food but it upsets my stomach always. My love for Indian food always lets me suffer from heartburn and acid-reflux but I want to get relief from it naturally. I have tried so many products but nothing worked to cure my gas and indigestion problem. How to use Hebrozyme capsules for acidity? How long should I use these natural pills? How to get them in India?

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  1. Hello dear, Thank you for your query regarding our herbal product Herbozyme capsules.

    When we eat acid-based food, our stomach that secrets digestive juice can break down simple as well as complex food substances. But during the process of indigestion, the simple elements get removed easily but the acid that forms in larger quantity cannot be extracted completely out of the body. This causes several problems like pain in stomach, heartburn, gas, irritation, etc.

    Almost 80% of the people all over the world suffer from acidity problem some or every day due to their wrong eating habits, sitting jobs, no involvement in physical work and not doing exercises. People who love to eat spicy food should not stop eating their favorite food but should also take care of their health by eating healthy fruits and drinking juices. Acidity and heartburn is sometimes a sign of many other problems too such as heart attack, oesophageal cancer, piles, and other gastric problems.

    One should not ignore the problem of acid-reflux or gas in the stomach. To treat acidity, the best way is to use the natural herbal product that is Herbozyme capsule. Herbozyme capsules provide Ayurvedic treatment for heartburn by providing essential antacids to the body so that the acid produced in stomach gets nullified by flushing out excess acid out of the body. These capsules contain ayurvedic ingredients that pass gas out of the stomach and provide holistic treatment of the heartburn and hyperacidity.

    Direction of use

    If you want to know how to use Herbozyme capsules then it is very easy to use these pills at home. Take 1 or 2 Herbozyme capsules every day for 2 times after breakfast and dinner. Take the dose with milk or plain water. One should consume Herbozyme capsules for acidity on a regular basis. The time duration for the use of these pills is 3 to 4 months.

    How to get Herbozyme capsules in India?

    If you want to get Herbozyme capsules in India then you can go to our original herbal product website to purchase the product for hyperacidity cure. You can buy these pills with the following payment options

    • Online Payment option
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Demand Draft (DD)
    • NEFT
    • Cheque
    • Cash Deposit Option

    To buy Herbozyme capsule, visit:

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