How To Improve Sexual Stamina To Last Longer In Bed?


Mujhe young age se hand practice ki habit thi or ab mujhe lagta hai ki mera stamina aur sex power bahut kam ho gaye hain. Mujhe marriage ke naam se dar lagta hai kyunki main apni hone waali wife ko khush nahi rakh paunga. Kya aap mujhe sexual stamina ko improve karne ka koi Ayurvedic treatment bata sakte hain?

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  1. Bad habits like hand practice are severe on health and reproductive system. This habit can also make a male mentally weak by making him addicted and decreasing his vigour for normal lovemaking. If one has been in habit of hand practice, it is very necessary to take proper treatment and recover from its side effects. Apart from hand practice, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, habit of alcohol, smoking and tobacco use can also reduce sexual stamina and make a male impotent and incapable lover in bed. Long term medications and health disorders like diabetes, anxiety, etc., are also severe causes of low sex drive and poor stamina. Use of Lawax capsules and Lawax oil in combination is one of the most effective and fast acting Ayurvedic treatment for low sex drive, premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan), erectile dysfunction (Napusankta) and low semen volume. These supplements compound a male’s physical energy and make him mentally healthier and also rejuvenate his reproductive system to boost-up his potency and lovemaking abilities.

    Lawax capsules possess perfect blend of herbs which are aphrodisiac and nutritive and these herbs supplement nutrients, remove deficiencies and increase rate of energy producing reactions in the body. These herbs also regulate even and regular flow of energy all over body and provide optimum support to all the systems and organs of the body. Aphrodisiac herbs elevate level of testosterone hormone which gets depleted due to hand-practice and other causes of low sexual stamina. This hormone rejuvenates male reproductive system and nerves by guiding higher flow of energy towards reproductive organs and keeps them strong and energized. These supplements enhance testicular functions, cure enlargement of prostate gland, promote higher flow of blood to generate cells at faster pace and strengthen reproductive organs. Massages with Lawax oil further enhance effects of capsules and show its positive results within few minutes. This oil promotes powerful and bigger erections and allows a male to gain back to back erections for making highly satisfactory love.

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