How to do Hair Care to Stop Hair Fall?


Hi. I’m 35 years old. I had a kid 2 years ago and from then onwards I have a severe hair fall issue. What can i do to stop it? I want to take some natural treatment that does not cause any side effects to my hair.

How to do Hair Care to Stop Hair Fall?
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  1. Hello dear, Thank you for posting your query to know about the natural hair care treatment.

    Hair loss is an issue that almost 95 percent of the people all over the world face. It has become a major topic because baldness is a sign of so many other body problems or diseases like weakness, lack of vitamins in the body, unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, thyroid, stress, and hormonal issues. So, if your hair loss is not normal and experiencing terrible falling out of hair then you should not ignore it and take serious actions as soon as possible.

    The market is full of chemical based hair care products that claim to grow and thicken your hair within a month or so. But they cause so many adverse effects on our hair. Therefore, one should look for the pure and natural solution to treat hair fall issue. Herbal hair oil or lotions work on the roots of the hair to prevent them from falling, making them long, strong, and shiny black providing hair loss control.

    Stop Severe Hair Fall Issue

    We recommend you to use our ayurvedic solution Hylix lotion. Hylix lotion comes loaded with powerful natural herbs that are used to keep hair scalp moisturized and clean. This herbal oil makes the scalp strong to stop them from falling out. Hylix solution maintains the hydration of hair scalp preventing them, from dandruff to make hair soft so that they grow thicker naturally.

    As Hylix lotion to stop hair fall possesses natural potent ingredients, it does not cause any side effects to your hair and is in 100 percent natural form. Females use this oil widely to stop their hair fall problems after delivery or giving birth to a child, during menopause, body weakness, and other problems.

    How to do Hair Care:

    1. Keep your scalp clean and moisturized
    2. Avoid using hot water for hair
    3. Wash hair once or twice in a week
    4. Do oil massage before hair wash
    5. Protect hair from sun exposure with sunscreen
    6. Do not brush wet hair
    7. Eat healthy diet
    8. Drink plenty of water every day

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