How To Stop Semen Leakage After Urination In Men?


I see drops of thick whitish fluid after urination and sometimes my urine flow begins after a while. The urine stream has become thin too. Are these symptoms of Dhaat, if yes please suggest effective Ayurvedic treatment to stop semen leakage after urination?

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  1. Yes, these are clear symptoms of Dhaat syndrome. You need to take proper Ayurvedic treatment to get rid of this problem and protect health and potency. Take NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules in combination to stop semen leakage. Consume one or two pills of each twice in a day after meals in morning and evening on regular basis. These supplements are blend of powerful aphrodisiac and nutritive herbs which address all the possible causes of the problem and eradicate the problem and its side effects completely. These Ayurvedic supplements reenergize sluggish nerves and make them active and strong to keep semen locked and prevent it from flowing out easily. The herbal ingredients of these pills diffuse inflammation and promote healthy prostate gland functions. By providing healthy prostate gland, these supplements prevent build-up of seminal fluids and resolve conditions like retrograde ejaculation which leads to Dhaat. Shilajit capsules possess highly nutritive and vitality-enhancing herbs which reverse weaknesses and cure debilities; these increase energy production, remove deficiencies and compound a male’s strength and stamina to cure side effects of Dhaat. Collective effects of these supplements not only resolve problem of Dhaat quickly but also improve a male’s virility and vitality to stay away from it in future as well.

    These supplements improve a male’s performance in bed by improving quality and duration of erections, make him a keener lover and intensify his performance by delaying his ejaculation. These also keep a male energized and active and improve his mental health and abilities as well. Intake of these supplements improves quality of life and keeps a male potent and virile for longer period. Use of these supplements is extremely beneficial for keeping vital systems of the body healthy and strong. These improve functions of cardiac, circulatory, digestive, urinary and respiratory systems of the body. You can get these Ayurvedic supplements online. To be sure of quality, simply visit the company’s website, pay by choosing simple options like NEFT, COD, cheque, DD or cash deposit and you will get your order within 3-5 working days. Using these supplements is easy and due to purely herbal nature you do not need any medical prescription before use. These can be used for prolonged duration without any fear of side effects.

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