How To Stop Sperm Release During Sleep, Wet Dreams?


Can a male suffer with the problem of low sperm count due to night discharge? I have been a victim of frequent night discharge and still face it after marriage. Is there any Ayurvedic treatment to stop sperm release during sleep and night discharge?

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  1. Many males see discharge during sleep in the form of small amount of thick fluid, while some discharge completely. In case of people releasing complete semen during sleep, this problem can reduce number of sperms in semen and can affect a male’s fertility. Semen production is an on-going process in the body of men. When a male loses semen on regular basis, testicles are unable to cope-up with increasing demand and become weak to perform their functions which further causes low sperm count or produces sperms with lesser motility. Low sperm count and low sperm motility are common causes of childlessness in couples. To achieve fertility, males need to take proper treatment which not only stops nightfall but boost-up potency and energy level of reproductive system.

    We recommend No fall and Maha Rasayan capsules to elevate virility and stop nightfall. These Ayurvedic supplements in combination reenergize the male body and increase energy production. These supplements guide regular flow of energy towards male reproductive system and energize all the organs and nerves. Active nerves keep semen locked and stop nightfall. These pills also possess herbs which are rich sources of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. All these nutrients help in reenergizing sluggish organs and nerves and boosting up a male’s stamina and removing debilities. Maha Rasayan capsules possess herbs which promote release of health promoting hormones and suppress harmful hormones which cause stress or slow metabolism. Secretion of healthy hormones further energizes male reproductive system and increases support for testicular functions. These supplements diffuse inflammation and improve prostate gland functions to increase sperm count and semen volume naturally. Males having energized body and reproductive system and improved testicular and prostate functions, ejaculate heavy load of quality semen which contains higher number of healthy and motile sperms and also gain fast and effective nightfall cure.

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