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What is Arthritis in Hindi

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What is Arthritis called in Hindi?

Arthritis is a combination of two Greek words and currently used as an umbrella term for over 100 different forms of the disease. People often ask what arthritis in Hindi is, it is called Gathiya in Hindi which is also an umbrella term for a variety of conditions related to joints. Here one can find what is arthritis in Hindi and also complete details about arthritis herbal treatment in Hindi. Gathiya is a disease of joints which makes them painful, stiff and even immobile. Gathiya treatment in Hindi explains symptoms of the disease and how it is severe over joints and their functions. Gathiya Rog symptoms in absence of proper treatment keep on progressing. Some forms of Arthritis can cause complete immobility in joints.

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Gathiya Rog Symptoms

Gathiya Rog symptoms produced by various forms of the disease initially are almost common. These cause stiffness, pain and weakness in joints which keeps on progressing. Some forms affect joints on both sides of the body while some affect one or few joints simultaneously. Gathiya treatment in Hindi provides details of minor difference in symptoms of arthritis which help identifying the exact form of the disease. Dietary and lifestyle-related changes are recommended to people suffering from gathiya. These changes help in checking the progression of the disease and maintain mobility.

Herbal Treatment for Gathiya Rog Symptoms

Herbal Treatment for Gathiya

Ayush remedies is renowned name providing herbal and ayurvedic treatment to health problems which affect men and women commonly. This company has designed and developed easy to use herbal supplements for complicated health problems like Arthritis too. Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil are most effective supplements which safely and effectively relieve symptoms of arthritis and improve joint strength and endurance to reverse the symptoms considerably.

Use of these supplements handles all forms of the disease and curb symptoms like morning sickness, reducing range of joint motion, lethargy, redness and warmth in joints efficiently. Here arthritis herbal treatment in Hindi you will find that use of herbs is capable of providing long-lasting treatment. Even in case of arthritis, one gains natural and long-lasting results as herbs enhance the entire musculoskeletal system and make it stronger and healthier.

Orthoxil Plus capsules and Orthoxil Plus oil are safe for men and women and can be used as protective remedies too. Individuals suffering from a health issue or at a later stage of life can use these to prevent joint debilities and discomfort. To get these products you can visit the company website and order these online. You can pay to choose various options and can avail the facility of COD. Consume 1-2 pills of Orthoxil Plus capsules in a day and gently massage affected joints with oil 2-3 times for faster relief. You will not only gain riddance from pain and stiffness but will be able to move the joints painlessly and in short period will gain higher mobility and agility.

To get relief from gathiya rog naturally, buy Orthoxil Plus Capsules and Oil in India today.

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