Negative Effects Of Excessive Masturbation And Ayurvedic Treatment


Are there any negative effects of excessive masturbation? What is healthy frequency for performing hand practice and if one has been in habit of masturbation does he needs any treatment to overcome weaknesses?

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  1. There is no number which can be mentioned as healthy frequency of hand practice as it is completely dependent on one’s health and endurance. Some may not see any side effects even after performing hand practice frequently while some can become seriously weak even after practicing it occasionally. One must not forget that this is unnatural way of pleasing himself and shall be avoided. The harder grip of hand during masturbation makes nerves insensitive and damages tissues. This can further hinder with the process of gaining erections and can reduce a male’s pleasure during lovemaking by depleting sensation. Males complain about slow, weak and soft erections and loss of erection before ejaculation due to side effects of masturbation. Low semen volume due to exhausted testicles, enlarged prostate gland and sluggish reproductive system are other symptoms and effects of hand practice. Not to mention, males in habit of hand-practice are unable to perform lovemaking for sufficient duration. On aggravation, problems like semen with urine, impotency, etc., also surge up. Males due to regular loss of semen via hand practice suffer with low energy levels, poor health and strength which further aggravate weaknesses in reproductive system. Physically lethargic and weak males are mentally unhealthy too and problem of lack of focus, poor memory and irritability are common amongst such males.

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