Ayurvedic Treatment For Passing Of Semen In Urine Problem


Mujhe Dhaat ki samasya hai jiske karan main bahut pareshan hun. Meri marriage hone ko sirf kuch mahine baaki hain aur main bahut nervous hun. Please iska koi fast Ayurvedic upay bataein?


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  1. We would recommend NF Cure and Shilajit capsules in combination to you to resolve the problem of Dhaat completely. These supplements not only stop the problem but also improve a male’s vitality and virility by many times to make him an amazing lover in bed. Males need strong and powerful nerves and reproductive system to prevent disorders and stay potent and virile. Weaknesses in nerves may cause easy passing out of semen and sluggish reproductive system which in turn may cause numerous other types of disorders. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules provide energized and healthy nerves and reproductive system and also improve a male’s stamina, strength and vitality to provide holistic Dhaat cure.

    NF Cure and Shilajit capsules both possess safe and natural aphrodisiac herbs which rejuvenate male reproductive system and cure inflammation of prostate gland. These enhance flow of energy and keep reproductive organs nourished and healthy. Males need optimum stamina and vitality to keep their reproductive functions upbeat. Shilajit capsules supplement wide range of nutrients and increase rate of energy producing reactions to boost-up energy levels. These promote faster rate of tissue generation to reenergize organs and also improve muscular strength and endurance in men. Males running high on energy and stamina keep their reproductive system healthy for longer period in life and not only gain relief from Dhaat syndrome but also from other disorders like ED or PE which deplete his performance in bed. In short duration of use, men will not only stop ejaculating with urine but will also gain wonderful stamina and sexual energy to provide maximum satisfaction to their female partner. By improving testicular and prostate functions, these supplements enhance potency and fertility of a male and allow him to achieve fatherhood easily. These supplements are easy to use and are free of side effects. You can use them even for prolonged duration to gain maximum out of your love-life and please your female partner with your amazing virility and vitality.

    You can get these supplements online; simply visit company’s website and place your order and you will get the best price and top quality supplements. Your order will be delivered within 3-5 working days right at your doorstep. Easy payment options are available like NEFT, COD, DD, cheque and cash deposit for your convenience. You can use these supplements easily; just consume one or two pills of each twice in a day after meals in morning and evening.

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