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Causes of Lack of Sex Drive In Women and Female Libido Boosters

Causes of Lack of Sex Drive In Women and Female Libido Boosters

Major Causes of Lack of Sex Drive In Women

Libido is desire for making love and getting ready quickly to enjoy love encounter with the appropriate partner whenever any opportunity arrives. Women avoiding lovemaking, trying to search excuses and finding ways to avoid it without any genuine reason are the victims of frigidity or low libido. The causes of lack of sex drive in women can be broadly categorized into two categories.

One are those which are related to female’s physical health and functions of her reproductive system and other ones are related to her psychological or emotional status. Amongst physical causes of lack of sex drive in women, hormonal problems, poor health, disorders and stress are the most common ones.

Hormonal problems can give rise to various issues like dryness in genital passage, lethargy in reproductive system, menstrual irregularities and these can also lead to psychological causes of lack of sex drive in women. Dryness in female genitalia causes painful penetration as mucous glands present in the walls are unable to provide lubrication and does not allow male organ to slide in easily.

Even after penetration, dryness can cause cuts and wounds which can make entire act very painful and discomforting to wipe-off a female’s interest in the act. Poor hormonal secretion deteriorates functions of reproductive system by making it weak and lethargic. Weak and sluggish reproductive system and organs prevent a female from achieving climaxes which in turn erodes her interest in the act.

Poor health causes stress and tiredness. Women suffering with low energy levels and poor vitality do not have enough energy by the end of the day to enjoy bedtime activities which are the other causes of lack of sex drive in women.

Health issues like anemia, diabetes, nervous system disorders, urinary problems and restricted flow of blood reduce energy and sensation, weaken organs and promote poor focus to cause frigidity in women. Conditions like sleeplessness due to young child, hypertension, low iron levels, poor bone health, digestive disorders and other kinds of disorders like thyroid malfunctions, obesity, etc., are also causes of lack of sex drive in women.

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Apart from physical reasons, women also suffer with frigidity due to psychological reasons. Terse relationship with partner, fear of becoming pregnant, mental tensions, anxiety and mood swings prevent a female from gaining pleasure and arousals and cause frigidity. Depression, stress and nervousness are other issues which are also well known causes of frigidity. Higher expectations or over ambitions in bed or in life from partner make a woman feel disappointed which can also reduce her desire to get intimate in bed.

Ayurvedic Herbal Female Libido Booster Pills

Kamni capsules are herbal female libido booster pills which reinstate keen and natural desire in women to make love and enjoy it to the fullest. These Ayurvedic libido pills for women possess herbs which balance secretion of hormones and suppress presence of harmful hormones in blood. These energize female reproductive system and strengthen organs to promote natural desire for lovemaking.

These herbal female libido booster pills improve functions of nerves in female’s groin region and all over body to make her sensitive to touches and enhance flow of blood towards her genital region to stimulate mucous gland functions and strengthen organs. These cure problems like dryness and lesser sensation and provide optimum lubrication on arousals.

These herbal female libido booster pills promote smooth penetration and bring intense climaxes easily and frequently to make lovemaking a mind-blowing experience for females. All these benefits arouse a female’s keen interest in the act and resolve frigidity. Along with correcting hormonal imbalance, these herbal female sex pills also supplement nutrients in bioavailable form.

Nutrient supplementation removes deficiencies and energizes the entire body by curing lethargy, weakness and tiredness in body. Higher energy helps a woman to stay fit and capable of enjoying bedtime activities with zeal and verve after the day’s work.

Kamni Herbal Libido Pills

These herbal female libido boosters dilate blood vessels and allow even supply of nutrition and oxygen to every part of body. These benefits enhance a female’s vitality and also keep organs of reproductive system healthy. These also cure anemia, improve muscular and bone health and improve functions of nerves.

These ayurvedic libido pills for women make the genital region sensitive and healthy and cleanse it to free it from infectious agents and allergens. These benefits prevent UTI, bladder infections and conditions like leucorrhoea or white vaginal discharge which are also responsible for causing low libido.

These ayurvedic libido pills for women promote full-bodied arousals and make a woman anticipate sex. These herbal female libido boosters relieve symptoms of menopause as well and allow even elderly women to enjoy their love life. These ayurvedic libido pills for women possess pure herbs so these can be taken without any medical prescription and even along with any other on-going treatment.

These are excellent remedies for suppressing ill-effects of disorders like diabetes, thyroid problems, hypertension and urinary problems which cause frigidity and jeopardize one’s love life. These ayurvedic libido pills for women can also be used to prevent slowness in reproductive functions. Women after childbirth or after treatment of any disorder can also use these to maintain their verve and drive for lovemaking and reproductive system healthy.

Buy Ayurvedic Sex Enhancer Supplements to Restore Libido in Women Naturally.

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